Fingernails… and NAILPOLISH!

Fingernails… and NAILPOLISH!

Perhaps no other “accroument” or adornment, or whatever it’s called does it femdom wise for me, and in general as the mighty nailpolish!

(even more so than ANKLETS, which are so sexy enough by themselves!)

Or, as they say in India and certain parts – “nail paint”.


Well, you’re painting the nails, boy!

But really – Madam Christina, her mind is what draws her to me – but her NAILS – painted different colors … and SILVER – with GLOSS!!

Those slim sexy fingers, painted RED – the middle finger – the nail GLEAMING – GLISTENING … and yelling out loud, BOY!

Remember those ultra fat – and super bitchy Indian ladies I once saw years ago.

They literally waddled into the park – they were so fat, yet, my reaction wasn’t what most men’s would have been.

I WANTED TO DROP DOWN AND WORSHIP – their BROAD FEET, because Ma’am was SO DOMINANT .. the feet so
“fair and broad” – but the nails were long,and the nailpolish, GLEAMING RED – bright red!

Another lady like that once had “light pink” – same effect on me!

I could just hear them say what Mistress Jyoti – Priyanka – told me all the time.

“Per daba! Chal!” 

With one foot thrown up arrogantly. STaRING AT ME!

OH – MY!

(that translates to as readers of Serving an Indian Goddess know – “press my feet, boy! HURRY!” – without the boy, but you get the point!)


And as we progress into the Spanish translation for both the series above – and the Madam Carrie series, I gotta tell you … that BODACIOUS bombshell from Sichuan – those legs did it, she did it – her mind did it – but most of all?


They drove me nigh INSANE with lust!

On my nipples, so I kept imagining!

Madam had a boyfriend too …

I still remember that “fateful first meeting”, then her message on wechat.

“Holle, boy!” 

And this is one of the most intense femdom books I’ve ever written – the Madam Carrie series.

Others include the Princess Krystal series (huge on humiliation) – and the not much talked about as yet Empress Cody series, huge on BOTH CUCKOLDING AND HUMILIATION!

Friend, a lot of you have still not got these books – I dont get why?

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“Are you going to buy me a diamond, boy!” 

Madam Su out of the blue.

She’s so perfect, they all are!

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So make haste while the sun shines… BOY! 😉


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson
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