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Why dominating, DOMINANT Indian mother in law’s are SO DAMN SEXY!

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu! 

I wrote about that on the other site!

That was such a sexy scene, and she was old, fat, wrinkled, everything a certain Madam Yiyi said …

“My face so full of folds!” 

“Fat too”,  I giggled back. 


And I waxed lyrical and MEANT EVERY WORD – Madam, it doesnt MATTER!

She’s not fat, actually, just chubby around the face.

But I could care less – she’s an OLDER LADY, OH SO DOMINATING AND DOMINANT, and of course, the fabled Indian mother in laws do it the best!

And mother in laws all over Asia, hehe. The battles!

With me, I’d just drop down and worship, but anyway,  Iwas doing some business recently.

And I saw a lady – a young lady and her daughter show up.

The young lady was so gorgeous!

TOenails painted SILVER – bright!

And she was wearing some form of high heels, and I believe jeans or something. I didnt quite notice, but what I did NOTICE!

BEhind HER!

I noticed … MADAM … JI!

Her mother in law, click, CLACK, those brown HIGH HEELS of hers so IMPERIOUS, the only thing more imperious – and bitchy – and dominating? 


She was commanding the younger lady to do something – I almost LOST IT THERE!


I believe she too, had silver painted toe nails or maybe red?

I didn’t even notice, so bowled over was I by the golden sari …

Anyway … !

I can just imagine the OLDER lady – maybe the younger too, but especially the older lady, to me SHE was the real Goddess, coming home, tired, irritated, greeting me with a whack and pointing to her legs!
Chal, Joote UTAR!
Rub my feet, boy, take my SHOES OFF!
I just saw an Indian actress who went through a divorce because she actually commanded her hubsand to do that, maybe her third divorce it was.
WHAT???? I can’t believe it, he – they – were so lucky!
Anyway, again … lest I get carried away (I already have by Ma’am, so GORGEOUS!)

In the Garima Madam series, another one of the critically acclaimed series – I follow Garima Madam – backwards.

Her ass, and hers lovers ass too – hehe. Lots of cuckolding in that book!

But, the Prequel to that book tells you the tale of Garima Madam’s otherwise very humble beginnings, and how she rose to became the imperious, dominating FORCE OF NATURE she is today !

And remains so – at the age of I think, right about now? 35 plus!

Thats for the Sequel, of course.

But if there ever was an older lady that would inspire that, it’s my next door neighbor, or one of them, or so it seemed!

On that note, Pablo, my great translator for the Madam Carrie series in addition to not sleeping more than he had to , he so loves the book – and translating perfectly – and the scores of fantastic, positive (much appreciated, Pablo!!) comments he left on my books on the other site – said this too.

“man, I so want to know more about miss V!” 

I dont blame him. Hehe.

She was really my next door neighbor – quite literally.

Miss X Beauty Salon, I just changed it to V, the rest, right down to my “old neighbor” Sophia – not Sophia Bai – not Princess Sophia – but another Sophia – all true – right down to the DOGS!

Quite literally, Poochie it was! 

And other than the Garima Madam series, the Miss V Beauty Salon series is a must grab!

Do so now, friend.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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