Why I so love cleaning Maids feets

Why I so love cleaning Maids feets

“Maid’s feets”. 

“Ma’am, can I see your feets!” 

A direct translation of the “Hindi”, I believe where the “per” is both singular – plural – i.e. foot!

I call them “Charan” as Priyanka Ma’am taught me SO WELL!

Means, holy feet, meant to be worshipped like the Queens and Goddesses they belong to!

Literally, feet that should never touch the GROUND!

So, I suppose a lot in the subcontinent call them “feets”. Hehe.

And Indian maids, some of the most downtrodden – yet most interally DOMINATING and dominant and sly, cunning – in a GOOD WAY – women on the planet!

Along with sex and massage workers in China, another very downtrodden lot, I’ve written tomes about both of these categories, and worshipping them like Goddesses, and why it’s even more of a turn on to worship them – than other women!

Because I dont know, to worship those that worship others?

And to give THEM that pleasure?

Giving pleasure is always what it’s all about subs, and that pleasure gets magnified x 10.

Once, I saw an extremely dark skinned Indian women resting with her feet up in the park!

Grammar included, hehe.

She was bitching, moaning complaining about everything under the sun.

“Madam Ji” was making her slave too hard!

Of course, Indian Madam’s, thats another tale, equally dominating and gorgeous, fat and pampered, and their FEET, oh so NICE!

Paye LAGU, Madam JI!

But from perfectly pampered and pedicured, older and younger ladies – to the exact opposite!

This maid wasn’t complaing about the one thing MOST women do – movie stars, office workers, and girls in general – their feet!

Recently, I saw some news about an Indian actress getting into “bitch” mode after her husband spoke to another “pretty” (I thin the name was Pretty too?) Indian actress (a businesswoman too, I believe).

When asked why?

“I had been walking wearing high heels all day, my feet were killing me!” 

Reminds me of Carol looking at me walking comfortably in sneakers and saying …

“Woman have so many problems!”

(we were house hunting, she literally took her shoes because her feet hurt so much!)

Those high heels make look good, but as women and sissies (male ones, hehe) know – they are UNNATURAL too, hence the foot pain – especially for heavier ladies.

Which is why the lower the heel, the better, and even flip flops, like with gorgeous Madam Maggie, I’m wet “sissygasming” to her now – are SO NICE!

Those FEET SHOW, the BIG FEET, the toenails painted ORANGE, oh – my!

And the maid, her soles were on full display, I think she saw me looking…

I could feel it!

But she didnt move her feet, I was far away.


Grimy, like out of a coal mine!


Just .. you’d say dark and nasty, the thing to avoid, and still, despite NO LEG SHOWING – and the face being old and cracked too?

The way she was sitting, relaxing, oh so dominating, I just wanted to …

drop down and WORSHIP, pamper those soles, like nothing else!

And she’d look at me, she KNOWS!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI. 

Worshipping you – is such – an – HONOR, it really is!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The entire Pooja Memsahib…JI! series was written in this vein as was Garima Madam … JI!

Neither were maids.

But they sure were from downtrodden lots initially – and what happened – well – if you’d ask for one reason why people love my books SO much, how you can literally “FEEL” what the protagonist went through – well – these two books – and Madam Carrie (JI!) do it!

Get these now, friend, you’ll love ’em.

PS #2 – And, as you know, we ALL have a story to tell – but we want someone to LISTEN without judging!

We dont care if people agree or not, listening is key.

So, if you’ve got a femdom related tale to share – do so – and I’ll share ’em with the world via our daily newsletters!

And budding authors, if you’re looking for a world class, world renowned publisher in the fetish world – or even “just erotica / adult” -go HERE.

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