I want to press Kathy’s feet all night long, give her MAX pleasure…

I want to press Kathy’s feet all night long,…

I truly do!

Kathy, or Madam Kathy, or perfect Madam Kathy as I dont call her (as yet) – but think of her NOW …

I worked for this lady once!

Being a dancing monkey, hehe – except the teaching job I so hated, I just did it for Kathy. Their regular teacher wasn’t ther,e so I filled in, got paid – and left.

As I left, I saw a cute little girl sitting in the “boss’s office” – in a black short skirt, high high heels (she’s a bit short) – and… a lovely smile!

Long hair, lovely cherubic cheeks…

And at that point, I just remembered the lady I taught with “my teaching assistant” (not Krystal, hehe!) …

She was kinda of fat, but I didnt mind – as you know – the mind!

And Kathy is too, so she uses a picture that is kinda old on her wechat.

But anyway …

A month or so later (with me, remember, often delayed, like my orgasms! Or, like with Princess Sophia, adding her three months later) … I noticed Kathy on my wechat.

And I just had to talk to her, flirt with her, tell her how CUTE she sounded when she kept telling me to show on time (most of the monkeys didn’t – yours truly is a pro though, even when it’s a job I dont like if I say I’ll do it – I DO IT!

“Work for a man, if you work for a man, work for him, for heaven’s sake!!” As the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing!

(Woman too, Ma’am! Hehe) … her insistence on me wearing a monkey uniform (I never did!) – and more.

She’s not classically good looking, so she says.

She says she’s fat.

But the REAL Kathy I saw, and then the picture, her smiling – lovely PLUMP cheeks, and “big legs, and th efeet, she’s got BIG FEET, I SO LOVE THEM!

The toes were painted different colors, she was in ultra short shorts… denim!

Her LEGS were showing!

And I knew I was right, hehe.

She keeps saying she doesnt care about her being fat.

“Eat and enjoy life, boy!”

And THAT turns me on the most, but I keep telling her, she’s not fat, she’s CUTE – there is a DIFFERENCE – really! – and it suits MAdam!

and I’ve been thinking of her as of late.

Pressing her feet all night, giving her back and shoulder rubs, head rubs … doing the housework for her .. and more!

She’s such a Queen and Goddess, and she deserves it!

And I wanted to say that, so I have!

Back soon – and to attract women to YOU willy nilly, with NO “apparent effort” on your part (dominant women!) – do what is mentioned in the course HERE.

Trust me, the best investment you will EVER MAKE as a real femdom lover – you do, do, do – and you get more than 600% PLUS RETURNS!

Can’t beat that, hehe.

She can beat your balls though, and I so wish Kathy would mine!


Mike Watson

PS – I’d kiss each of Kathy’s lovely toes, the NAILS, I’d proclaim my devotion her, such a GODDESS!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!