The lovely Indian NURSE that put “gel” on my nipples to put “electrodes” on …

The lovely Indian NURSE that put “gel” on my…

Now, this isn’t the sort of electrodes you’d expect.

No nipples torture!

Certainly no BDSM either.

But it’s an incident thats stuck in my mind for nigh YEARS.

Many years ago, I think in 2011 or so, but I cannot remember the exact year, I was headed to the Middle East for some rubbish.

It was a crap job that I then quit 8 months in – dont ask – long story – I never WANTED it really in the first place (think about it, me in a place where women are perennially forced to cover up – ugh! How backwards, the thinking!)

Nothing against anyone’s religion, but really, some religions – ONE only – has only regressed, not progressed, as opposed to just about every other religion in the world.

Of course, yours truly isn’t a believer in Communism, but a huge believer in the “religion is the opium of the masses” theory that Marx so often preached.

I’d rather Madam be my opium!

She IS!


Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

But wait…

So, in order to go there, there was this medical test necessary.

And to take it, they had to do some ECG or something, I dont know, but while doing it, she hooked my nipples up to some sort of machine to check something, I cannot remember what.

It was a medical center right in the middle of town, in a busy upscale (for that country) shopping complex… much like the foot massage salons in China, you’d never guess what was going on  right in front of your eyes behind those drab walls!

She put gel on my nipples, and it happened -t he MAGIC.

Before that, trust me, it was a normal nurse patient thing.

As my puffy nipples (I was FAT back then) really hardened to her touch, she noticed – I felt something – in her gaze, and her touch!

Just fleeting, it was …

But she applied them again.

And the second time, and I almost leak reading this – writing it too – she used her FOREFINGER on each nipple, but she paused just that minute at the TIP!

All over in a nanosecond, you’d never guess.

But there was a brief gleam in Ma’am’s eyes she probably did not notice at the time either, but I KNOW SHE FELT IT!

This morning, as a similar dark skinned and overweight lady showed up grinning to deliver a parcel to my doorstep to a non existent person (someone gave the wrong address) she grinned at me – giggled, rather.

Early in the morning it was…

And she knew it was the wrong house – she’s been here four times already for that same non existent person, seen me patiently tell her “noone by that name lives here”, so as soon as I opened the door, she giggled “Sorry Sir”.

Kinda how Miss V – Beauty Salon starts off!


What happened later, of course, you guys will just have to read.

But there was something to her laughing and giggling – – a sign from the SPIRIT!

And with all the other things goin gon today, now I know what it was …

And fetish and femdom wise, that Indian nurse knew and if she had touched me one more time, I’d have cum right THERE and then!

Or, pleaded with her for a handjob.

Who knows what would have happened. Hehe.

Real life hospital setting, not reel!

But thats life, wondrous and lovely, and you ladies make it so – thank you SO MUCH!

And thank you too for my nipples, hehe.

Nipplegasms are truly the most blissful and ORGASMIC ever without even DOING much – you just lie there, thats all, even less than sissygasm, equally blissful!

Combine the two with RUINED orgasms, and you’ll go to Mars in terms of pleasure!


Who knows, maybe Jeff Bezos does too. With his Spanish Senorita!


I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike watson

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