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A real life (another one) example of why labels are worthless, especially the “gay”label, and … why FEELINGS and thoughts agains – trump all – and are what it’s all about.

I have gone hoarse saying it, of course.

Labels, especially the ones associated with men, and I say this more eloquently in the PRincess Joanie inspired megamoth Cuck Central – truly the only course of it’s kind to truly turn you into a cuckold – and have HER (important!) – and YOU (also important, but she is more – way too men have the fantasy, women dont’, it ends in disaster!) – and experience bliss and relationship satisfaction like NEVER Before (as opposed to a quick wank and then forget about it) – not to mention be OPEN.

I’ve said so many times how guys secretly crave many things, but never say it openly (it’s interesting, society in general is far more forgiving of women being lesbians than guys being gay?) …

Fellas, look.

First thing you know, labels are worthless.

The example I keep giving is … you love his cock, sisssy.

But would you marry him – or ask him to be your girilfriend, non sissy style?

I explain this very well in the book – and many others.

As I wake up thinking about Princess Sophia, YOU on this LIST are well aware how perfect master Wang has thrown me into a loop, into levels of craven, ABJECT SUBMISSION I’d never have imagined possible even for me.

Its truly his cock that matters, thats ALL that matters now.

But even then, relationship wise?

I’d be with Sophia!

THEREIN lies the nub – but the real nub is not his dick.

That helps, yes, especially the nub on the top of his lovely sexy DONG.

And the pee hole, and the pubic hair, but the WAY in which he LOOKS AT ME, I keep saying that!

Like Carol once told me “when you look at me, I’m out of control!”

I could literally feel her heart THUMPING – maybe that is why the relationship was so special, especially considering for me it was nothing but plain ole friendship, really, all I wanted to do was find a nice ayi (that guy Glyn Schofield, if he was there, I’d hire him too! The magnificent Gini offered to do it, she DID it, but I wanted to worship her! Ashley did it too, but she was too dominant to like it, I still remember her crouching over the commode HATING IT! – but Glyn Bozo, he’d be the perfect one to do that sort of thing! I’m guessing toilets in Brum are pretty spotless by now, Glyn, especially public ones? Hehe).

But there it is.

THe WAY in which MAster looks. That natural dominance! 

SAME thing for any sort of dominance – or submission. 

The feeling of being a sissy isn’t so much about dressing up, cooking, cleaning, or (yum!) sucking cock.

It’s about feeling dominated, and the feeling of the other person being dominant – from the CORE.

Note I said person.

Labels, my friend are worthless, and Master Wang is just another real life and current example of why!

And on that note, I’m out.

Be sure and pick up some Chinese femdom books here; the best you’ve ever read, I’ll tell  you that right now.


Mike Watson

PS – Labels are worthless, EXCEPT when being humiliated. They’re so NICE then!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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