“Bringing the inner bitch out!”

“Bringing the inner bitch out!”

And all ladies have it, trust me!

Remember Princess Sophia?

“No, you FOOL!”

Ma’am, how could you be so rude to me, and so polite to everyone else?

“Because you let me!” 

And right down to this day, the way she talks to me, so natural!

“Oh, just shut up!” 

“Because I treat you just like Chinese man!” 

That she did – perhaps worse. Hehe.

From day one.

I dont know if she treats foreigners as “special”. Somehow, I dont think so – but Ma’am is very polite to them, yes!

But for me..

Anyway, I’ve been writing about Gwen Ma’am, have I not?

That lovely lovely lady that hooked me the minute I saw her.

“I decide very quickly if I like people!” she told me the other day. 

I passed the test – hopefully! (I think I did).

But I’m the same, all about quick reactions, gut feelings, and then deciding on the fly!

Ma’am said its about how people behave, how they treat her, hey, I get it. The amount of people asking her to do free stuff – ugh!

But she’s got it!

“I’m not a pro!” she says, lazily lying around, twirling those lovely SOLES bout, oh MY!

Ma’am, you’re the perfect blend, you’re YOU – you’re better than any pro could be without trying. Perhaps thats why I was attracted to YOU!

(I’ve never even been to such sites before!)

Ma’am, I want to promote you, I said .

She laughed out loud.

How could you do that!

Indeed. Hehe.

But I dont want to tell her how just as yet, I just want to do it …


“When I’m outside, I need to be, you know, sweet….” 

“I have an image to keep up, you know!”

But then she talked about how she treats cucks and slaves.

“Once I find out they’re cucks and slaves, I go all out, treat them like the bitches they are!” 


And it’s true, I’ve noticed the different ways in which she talks to others!

Probably Sophia Maa’am does the same.

It turns me on SO!

But end of the day, what the men get is … well, another thing!

I’d rather be her BFF. Hehe.

And get more, at least for me, the close feeling of being a cuck and sissy, sharing her most intimate thoughts, so NICE!

Helping her …

Sending her grovelling private messages…

Princess, you’re just so nice! Hope to talk to you again – and, good luck “recovering” from the surgery. I’d “press” your feet and shoulders all night, hehe … Thanks for the talk today. Much appreciated! BTW, what do you do if you’re not a “pro” here? Just curious, of course! Cheers Mike Watson aka Mystery. (and, take your time replying. Haha. I’ve been known to talk too much on occasion, haha)
Nov 14th
Not to mention , as I said on chat (but it didnt go through) – you have lovely skin – just lovely! Beautiful nailpolish, lovely hands, feet … Yes, I know. I sound …… Haha. Anyway, recover soon, and I hope we get a chance to chat again. Best, Mike.
Nov 15th
Gwen Ma’am (or is Stephanie, hehe) – you’re truly so nice! So many other girls on that site, I saw you first, I’m hoooked. For a reason we both know. Hehe. Ma’am, just want to say you recovered well – or are, and that since your younger, of course you’re “Ma’am”. I’m never Sir. As you know! 😀 Ma’am, I’m so sorry for the operation to your asshole, I still dont know why it was required, but I’d happily put ointment on it, and say thank you to you for the honor – and kiss your ass cheeks as well. And of course, press your feet so you can be lazy, and relax. My only request? Never do housework Ma’am, your hands, just so beautiful! I will try and chat with you again soon, if that sOK, and you dont mind, thank you so much. INDEED AN HONOR, perfect Madam Gwen!!

But anyway, the inner bitch, eh.


Madam Gwen and I were talking vaccinations, I said all the vaccines I needed was her trampling me underfoot!

“I’d do it with heels, not barefoot!” she grinned back. 


So – NICE!

Anyway, ALL women have this inner bitch in them, but groveling in front of them and being an idiot, (like Bozo Schofield) despite what you think will not bring it out no “hard” – pun – you try, or not (pun again!).

It will bring out the Olympic sprinter in them though, as they sprint FAR away from you. Hehe.

Or, the inner KICKER. Hehe.

“You love to be kicked in other places, I’m sure!” Madam told me when I complimented her on her big strong feet, lovely calves… 

Like a white Sophia, almost!


Anyway … THIS is the book that you must read and follow the instructions in for your current SO to bring the inner bitch out – and treat YOU like the bitch you are, cuck.

Lets face it, hehe. Nothing turns you on more!

Sad, but true, hehe.

And even if you dont have dominance near you, once you emblazon these principles in your mind, you’ll attract it to you like nothing you’ve ever done or tried before!

Pick this book up now, truly the BEST in its area!


Mike Watson

PS – I so love that nick! Hehe.

Mike Watson
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