Serving men, real strong men, sexy studly VIRILE men where you can FEEL their heat – is so nice!

Serving men, real strong men, sexy studly VIRILE men…

Ma’am could truly FEEL his heat! 

Here is what happened – or not – it did happen once in a story I once read, a long, long time ago (an Indian guy and his Bangaldeshi or something maid), it did happen in THIS case too –

His wife left the house with … well, her picnic supplies.

And the maid, the same maid that he’d been curiously eyeing all this while was left alone with him, as the other evening.

Nothing ever happened between them, no words spoken – the guy wasn’t particularly a social sort, and didnt like interference of any nature, so much so that even in a culture where it wasn’t just expected, it was damn near required, he not just got along with but kinda liked the dark skinned OLDER lady maid that came to his house to clean “Auntie”.

“She’s smart! You dont need to tell her the basics”, he’d often tell his wife, who would nod (she found her after a bazillion other idiots that needed to be handheld, never did their jobs, and so forth …).

Yours truly, of course, has a very long history serving and servicing, and merely admiring the most downtrodden ladies in India and CHina, sex workers, maids etc globally to be honest.

And serving REAL MEN TOO, as y’all know!

But …

So this guy, he was thinking.

Before she left, she informed him shyly.

Before that, he caught those intelligent, yet WISE eyes looking in their direction. There was a reason, his wife didnt get it!

But she was looking, those black eyes looking as she often did, the body language giving it all away … 

SHe liked him!

She just didnt tell him.

And he kinda got to like her too, and right now?

He almost kissed her, put his arm around her waist, dragged her close to him, somehow, there wasn’t much – if any resistance!

They tongue kissed, so deeply, she spoke to him respectfully, he did too – but in a touch superior tone!

Chus le! 

Suck it! 

He felt her SOFT upper arms (the BACK!), the back, the waist, sexy and slender, yet strong despite her age, from all the hard manual labor she did …

He felt her shoulders … cupped her breasts, felt her waist all over … her ASS…

He relaxed, as she unzipped his pants, knelt, asked what he wanted, he put her in his lap, her mouth to nipples, mouth then on his dick …

And a lot more!

Feeling that dark skin against him was so NICE!


Now, I’m not going to reveal what happened next.

But THIS story – Mai the Indian maid is really what happened with ME – as Madam Suvi isn’t a maid, and doesnt do dishes!

And if you substitute me in for the maid in the above story, which with my sexy toned physique, lithe athletic body and … well, some things, I look like a girl, not just my feet, I’ve been told that so many times, it’s true! –

well, I could be the one serving him … !

And perhaps thats why I’ve written so many books on it.

One, of course deals with cock sure Antonio … forced into GAY slavery by a lovely, sneering, DOMINATING – and most of all, satisfied by her catch – MADAM!

25 million dollars teaches you that if nothing else, don’t muck around with other’s cash!

(or around other’s HOUSES, but the movie I just saw teaches you that, anything, I wrote about that on the other site earlier, so we’ll let it be here, hehe).

Then, you have another sexy tale of INTERRACIAL femdom, which Volume Two will involve plenty of m on m …

Then, Cuckold Compilations

Then, Sophia Bai, where you read all about how I met the nigh heroine of Cuckold Compilations … Then, Meeting Ms Chen

All fiction, you say?

Well, Nipplegasm Central, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – and Sissygasm Central take the fiction out of it!

It’s so nice to worship real men, is  it not?

On that note, I’m out.

Back soon – and remember to get the books above, best ever!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!