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Pooja Ma’am’s socks… her slim “friend” …

Madam, please talk to me like a servant!

… I dont know if I mentioned that in the book.

I remember asking her that so shyly …. she giggled. Hehe. 

But, Pooja Memsahib, that FIRST day she came over – I invited her in – that I DID mention in the book, for a few hours, she was still reticent about speaking to me as a hired help, as chattel, and so forth …

You know the words they use in Indian languages, Hindi to be precise in this case.

“Aap” – and “Tu”.

Both mean you.

One is said disrespectfully, the latter – the former, very respectful!

India is just a land like that with so many languages, all so evocative…

But I remembered last night, taking Pooja Memsahib … JI’s tired, sweaty worn purple socks off the first time.

In the heat of summer, sometimes Madam wore socks – how her lovely feet smelled!

I pressed, pressed, and those croons of delight a tired lady – a dOWNTRODDEN lady emits – so much more better!

Dont get me wrong.

Serving and worshipping all ladies is such a pleasure, but downtrodden ladies that are abused, used, looked down upon … to let THEM reclaim their rightful place in society, if just with one man … so nice!

“Peeth daba!”  (Rub my back, boy!)

“Jaldi!”   FASTER!!!!!!!!!

“Jor se!” Harder, boy!

And then the command, the next day I’d be waiting for for so long!

“Moze utar!” (take my socks off, boy!)

And much like Ms Priyanka all those years ago after the tennis workout, she took them off, and she stuffed them in a ziploc bag and put them in my mouth – Pooja was more brutal about it, she simply slapped them on my face – and they stuck, just like a “mask” or something you might wear!

Last afternoon, I saw Ma’am in the park.

I also saw a young lady, slim lady, with FLIP FLOPS!


Unlike Jyoti (Priyanka) her toes were painted silver …

But, it was like that all over again ,I so wanted to worship!

While lopping off to bed, I thought of this lovely duo.

They’re so NICE, my friend.

and to learn more about the older >50 lady that literally took me for a LOOP – well, read the award winning Pooja memsahib … Ji! Series.

You will love it!


Mike Watson

P.S – I have a thing for older ladies, remember perfect Madam Virginia and her ayi? Many such great tales of Chinese femdom HERE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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