Those Indian dicks I saw were so NICE!

Those Indian dicks I saw were so NICE!

I dont know what has been going on as of late, my friend.

Everything has been Indian, Indian, Indian – which is great, of course!

Lots of you are GREAT fan of Indian femdom, and that alone, and I understand – Indian Madam’s have their own style, don’t they?

And as I sit here writing this, I gotta ask, yet again – WHY do you ladies for the most not show your entire face – and why are all the femdom/even porn (regular) videos made in India made with shaky smartphones, or … I dont know, not done professionally at all, no HD?

I dont know, maybe the culture, maybe the rules of the country, India is such a contradictory place, perhaps the most in the world.

After the US and the UK, India tops the world in porn searches on Google, which isn’t something to be scoffed at!

Some major money making opportunities being left on the table, me thinks, not that no-one is making those great movies anyway – just ask a certain Sunny Leone!

Anyway, as I sit here NAKED in freezing cold weather, I’m touching my nipples. Just once, but I did it in the shower- just once, although I dont need to do it, ever since I’ve been seeing these lovely Indian ladies, and their special style, the way they humiliate … and CUCKOLD – I’ve been going “nuts”!

And leaking furiously.

Anyway, dicks!

They’re always better when accompanied by lovely asses, sexy succulent BALLS – and the ASS CRACK – both of theirs – OH MY!

And the KING of it all – or should I say QUEEN- Madam’s soles, and HIS ASS!

That is another one not covered in Profound Poses, which every sissy reading this must get NOW.

It truly paints the sexiest picture in your mind, and I’ll be putting out Volume Two shortly – which will center on Profoun CUCKOLD poses, even sexier!

But anyway, the lovely dicks!

I think they were Indian…

First was an Indian guy being cuckolded by his wife, he pays for her and her lover to go to a hotel, and they show them making out in a bed- Madam’s FAIR skin, her lovely SOLES – and he (lover) – dark skin – plunging BALLS DEEP INTO HER!

So – NICE!

That ass crack is so NICE, my friend, the camera centers so tantalizingly on it, almost prying it open, as I so want, smell his hairy MUSK, service his lovely asshole, flick my tongue in and out, lick his perennial region, his balls, everything.

He’s so NICE!

That sexy slim BACK!

Anyway, that movie didnt show his dick, or maybe I didnt see it, I dont know, but the next one I saw – oh my.

Tall dude, could be black from what I know, or mixed.

Naked, sexy as heck slim, trim and TONED!(kind of like me, hehe). 

Such a sexy chest and nipples I’d kiss all day – and Madam and him were both naked – and in an argument over something. 

Later they made up – via making love!

And they show his dick erect throughout it all.


Curved, sexy, the kind that curves DOWNWARDS, and just didnt “go to half mast” even for a second!

I’d so love to suck the HEAD!

Along with that, I saw some other Indian dicks nearby.

Indian dicks are so nice, so unique, dark, yet purplish in color – the HEAD – black dicks are different in that regard.

Anyway, I dont know, but you sissies KNOW!

The LUST, The RAGING LUST you sissies feel upon seeing a studly handsome man plowing YOUR woman balls deep, and his dong, his cock, you’d do anything to worship the dong, the CROWN of his dong, lick his pee hole … you know, oh MY!

And its exactly for that reason I put out the best ever course on servicing cock like the true sissy you are and were meant to be.

Studs, make your cuck do this to you!

And ladies, well, you probably know it naturally, but there are a few tips in there for you too!

Truly steaming hot, one of our most popular courses, a must grab – NOW.

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Mike Watson

PS – Those dicks were really so nice, I can smell the skin, and especially the ass crack, I want the MUSK!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!