Indian Femdom

Licking Payal Ma’am’s buttcrack while her third eye spooged LOADS at me!

Y’all remember the lovely Candice?

Here is where I wrote about her, making her MAN cum … the most important thing!

And in addition to that, I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but her man got off on her squirting.

That being, a female orgasm where some “juices” are literally squirted out of the pussy.

Not something all females can do, but is apparently natural to some, and a huge turn on for many – usually alpha – males.

But what about squirting through the backside?

You know the squirt that happens you sissygasm, sissy?

That uncontrollable urge to pee and then BLISS as your rock hard cock pisses, something you might not have thought was either possible *it is* (though Rueben once asked me how he’d pee with a hard cock, he needed to be sucked! hehe) (he was watching BTV or something, got hard early in the morning) … or remotely pleasurable – it’s ULTRA pleasurable.

Well, men have sissygasms – or those with prostrates do.

Females dont have ’em, but the anal area is still extremely pleasurable for women, lots of nerve endings back there.

And after you sissygasm, ever notice that your ass pushes either your finger – or your dildo – “out a little”?

i.e expels it ?

I bet you have, and rightfully so, that area was always meant as a one way street!

Anyway, Payal Ma’am was what she herself called a “Milf – mother I’d like to fuck. For me, it was “GILS” – Goddess I’d like to serve!

Fat, overweight, yet oh so sexy that demanor, and mind … over middle aged, and still horny as heck, she once literally hired me for a night – as a hooker, if you can believe that to serve her.

Yes, it happens in India too!

And part of my duties were to lick her lovely round ass!

It was so nice!

That broad sexy brown back, so soft the skin, the lovely lower back, which I’d often press for her (Zor se Daba! do it harder, boy!) (I was a gigolo cum many other things for her) … the lovely bodacious ass cheeks I’d kiss repeatedly (she loved that!) – and then sniff her butt crack – really sniff it (she’d make me bark on occasion! Yes, Madam was KINKY!) … and then she’d finally allow access to her rosebud, I’d so worship it!

Tongue in, tongue out, many a night … and best part, I did all this usually after her lover, another sexy Indian guy with a lovely slim waist, almost hairless body (almost) but DENSE pubes at the base of that LOVELY MEMBER of his, long, sexy and the head pointing downwards *(cut) had his way with her – in her ass!

I still remember how he fucked her, he’d go deep, then pull out, then to all sides, literally cleaning her out from the inside out as she lay there, face down, moaning.

I dont blame her, he did it well!

He never fucked me in the ass, but many others have, and I know how BLISSFUL IT IS, just lie there, and the man goes bang bang!

Hence, Sissygasm Central … a book that truly will ROCK you – pun intended, and not. But anyway, one regret I had with her lover ?

NOT putting my tongue in deep inside his asshole while he was cumming, maybe I’d reach his prostrate, give him an even better load!

I know thats not possible, though my tongue can extend a lot, is pretty talented!

But really, fingering his prostrate as he cums, caressing his balls, his perennial regions, even TUGGING his lovely balls, he’s moan in PLEASURE more, have a better orgasm, isnt that so NICE!

A regret I did not have? 

Licking his cum out of Payal’s ass!

Eating it up …

And often times, when he was done, he’d pull out, cock not yet fully flaccid, still dripping grunge and goo, it would hit me on the tip of my nose, Id gratefully slobber the mess up, and then of course her ass would contract, spitting out some cum at me, it would be SO NICE, SO eROTIC!

I’d go to town on her, often times suck him off again – as if I needed a second invitation!

She is so nice!

And being a cuckold and sissy, SERVING instead of being served, so nice!

I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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