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Why I so love hairy underarms!

I can just remember a certain Annie I once knew giggling about this –

I asked her “why some Chinese girls dont shave either down there … or their legs, or underarms!”

In case you didnt know it, the “because it’s normal” is the reason – at least for a lot of Chinese girls.

Not all, of course.

Madam Annie agrees that women should be and look better waxed, clean shaven…

But for ME?

I prefer that too, BUT… !

In Sin City Diaries, you’ll find tons of stories – all true – of me being dominated and humiliated and then I paid them! – by such lovely ladies in China, the sex workers, the “downtrodden lot”.

They’d never ever dare to do it with other clients. But they did it with me!

There’s that ONE girl I wrote about that I visited in “days bygone” at the bordello, where she literally started chatting with the person I came with – who was of course too curious to know what the foreign devil did with her in bed!

That one girl even licked MY underarms !

Of course, we never had sex.

All nipples, HJ and so forth …

But I wrote about the way she “knelt” in front of him, not me, maybe it was culturally “the thing to do” since they were both Chinese,I’ve often noticed in those places, foreigners get treated differently than Chinese, which I could never understand.

They’d often bring three girls out for the Chinese men to sample, for the foreigner, usually just one!

Maybe they knew I was a simp anyway. Hehe.

They were all girls doing the “bringing out”, when men did it, I believe the vibe was different!

But anyway – that aside…

The next time, I went there with someone else, and I met another girl there, and they brought out the entire “selection” for me.

And I chose that one girl who was staring me up and down with an X ray vision!

And THAT is the girl with the hairy underarms, in that sauna, that was something for her to do! (where women are expected to be in even more tip top shape).

This girl wouldn’t even give me a BJ without a condom on, hehe.

She was so NICE!

And thats just one of the tales in Sin City Diaries, but she had a BUSH under her arms, this morning, as I see a dominating Australian lady in the “muscle” pose showing off her hairy underarm, oh MY!

She is so NICE for doing that, Ma’am, thank you so much for your hairy underarms!

And I remembered that.

I remembered the girl.

I also remembered Madam Venus.

“I like man and money, MONEY is most important!”

She had a BUSH down there, she would not shave, and she expected head all the time, and would never give BJ’s, so NICE!

And money, of course, top of the list.

I wrote this morning on the other site about how nice it feels to give money to women!

And as I keep seeing the number 25 pop up, and $25 (For some reason) in these ladies’ feeds… it behooves me to tell you that …

These sizzling hot and true tales in Submissive Musings run you $19.99 a pop – which is literally “chicken feed” to read about the tales. Trust me on this one (and more importantly LEARN, so you can attract the same into your life!).

It also reminds me to kiss her hairy underarms, dripping with sweat – and to thank her for it.

Why should she shave?

Why should she wear makeup?

Or why not?

All up to HER, boy!

You just worship!

And on that note, get our products, and make it a very merry female dominated – FIN dominated – Christmas.

It’s so NICE!

Ma’am, thank you so much!


Mike Watson

PS – And WHY? Well, it’s just manlier, women being more manly, wearing the pants, so NICE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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