Master Wang stuck his lovely tongue out!!

Master Wang stuck his lovely tongue out!!

I never expected it – from me – and him.

I’ve seen him post his lovely cock, that cock I know so well if you get my drift so often on Twittter, the dong tantalizing, long, teasing, the absolutely lovely THATCH of dense, sexy, manly pubic hair especially at the base of the penis, which literally “bounces up and down”, I can almost feel it on my nose!

That sexy chest tapering down to an even slimmer waist which makes his dick look that much longer, my ex was right when I was FAT – honey, why is it that slim guys have the biggest dicks? Hehe.

The lovely dick, the beautiful pleasure buttons on his chest I gave him nipplegasms to so OFTEN – using the techniques described in the book, as Master moaned and writhed in ectasy … sheer, pure, utter lust fueled BLISS!

Anyway, I could write tomes on Master and his dong, I have before.

But this is about a recent video he posted, he has himself with his tongue out!

Naturally, I was surprised, it’s ladies that do that sort of thing, but looking at Master Wang doing it, my head spun all the same!

I’ve written often about the tongue pose that brats do – you sissies and submissives know what a turn on it is – along with the “Flexed” sole pointing at you!

I dont know if I wrote about the combo in Profound Poses, probably not, but I’m sure I mentioned both of these or a derivative thereof in the book – which you’ll want to pick up now – if EVER there was a book that “gets you in the mood” – this is it – so brutal and DELIGHTFUL are the descriptions of those poses we sissies and faggots so love!

You’ll want to get the book NOW.

But anyway, the two together – it’s so … MOCKING!

Madam’s foot talking to you, the sole. Like Madam Susan said, talk to her soles, boy, not her!

I knew this before, of course, but Susan still taught me so well, and with the tongue? Well, it’s her SPIT – her tongue that just has sucked another man’s COCK – which you want to KISS – and so many other fantasies running through your head (how would it feel when SHE sucked your dick, boy, which she never will! “As Princess Sophia told me “NEVER!!””) – and more!

It’s a MOCKING pose above all.

And Master does it so well!

I’ve been begging him to show his asshole and soles too on Twitter.

Maybe someday he will.

But that long lovely Chinese dick that drives me into paroxysms of LUST ever time I see it, that dense pubic HAIR …

I’ve worshipped that cock so often, using the techniques mentioned in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – a book Master HIGHLY recommends.

And if you, friend, want the chance to worship real man cock like that – sexy long dicks hanging out that you just KNOW you want to suckle on the cock head, well, you’ll have to learn how to worship it first, prove you make the cut before you’re allowed to get anywhere near dongs – or even Master Wang’s!

You have to pleasure him right, or not at all, boy!

Its that simple.

And the book I mentioned i.e. Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots is more than just a treatise on cock worship, admittedly the only one of it’s kind out there – it’s more than that though – its a lifechanging book, literally.

Read what a reader “Mungo Gary” said about it!

And get the book NOW.

I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

P.S. – To catch a glimpse of Master’s dong, “his long John” as I call it – go here – and then get the book, and he might let you WORSHIP it!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!