Indian Femdom

It would be so nice if you could kiss a woman’s foot to apologize to her, and it was socially accepted, the thing to do!

It should be that way, Ive lost track of the number of times I’ve wanted to drop down and worship, not just because she is superior and deserves it – but on the rare occasions I’d like to apologize to her (non fetish related, and rare, because I usually agree with all she says. Hehe. Her happiness is truly mine!).

Jigaysa Ma’am, Paye Lagu! (for those in the know). 

And really, after seeing such soles, who couldn’t or wouldn’t grovel!

If youve got a dick, you will. Hehe.

And it’s even better if you’ve got a small cock and are a cuck, sissy, and so forth – but it ain’t required! 😉

(I just saw SPH, so the above part. Hehe).

Anyway …

How does all of this fit?

Well, yesterday I was working out, and some ladies, FAT ladies, with those lovely stomachs protruding (of course, as I wrote about before, they just looked straight through me) …. and they were gardening, working, those lovely SOLES, those anklets, all of those things that make Indian women and their soles, their minds, of course, so special! – all so DIRTY!

As I watched, I felt irritated inexplicably.

They were chopping wood, or an equivalent thereof.

Via a long branch which one end was fashioned into a “spear” and they were using that to chop down more tree branches.

Right above my head, when I was working out.

I was wondering just why they wouldn’t let me workout (when I work out, I work out – and thats that!) – when I moved to a different area to accomodate them, they followed me there!

And it got irritating, the constant following about, I let them know this, they kept staring at me curiously, and the head lady – like Madam above, was giving me coy smiles all throughout!

Like, what is the Englishman saying…

Y’all know how caste etc is handled in India, same for societial divides, so there was a communication gap to begin with!

And even while angry, I was very respectful in my speech, so she probably noticed this. Hehe.

And … this was all done non fetish!

Believe me, that was the last thing on my mind right then!

“Why don’t you move to another area of the park!” smiled Madam as she saw me muttering away.

“Well, why don’t you, Ma’am”, I retorted indignantly, expecting her to be angry.

But she just smiled in her own way!

That cute smile, interested, yet, not wanting to engage right now … And she moved away.


I’ve written about her before … (search, you shall find!).

Now how does this fit, well, today, sitting here, I justw ant to apologize to her.

I want to drop down, kiss those feet, press those legs, wash her soles..

“Madam, Ji, Paye Lagu! I’m so sorry!”

(even though the reason for my then frustration was VALID , very much so).

But she’s always right!

Thats it, boy – she’s always RIGHT! And yesterday was just more a case of attracting femdom to me when I’m not even thinking about it. Hehe.

By following the principles laid out here for one …

Thats truly the best and only book of it’s kind, truly value in it you’ve never seen before, never will anywhere else, because so says Mike Watson, the real Mc Coy of femdom.

Right now?

I just want to press her legs, feet, and back, while she looks on knowingly, lovely older lady, stomach protruding, as she orders me.

Madam, I’m so sorry.

And I suspect right now, though she’s a mile or so away, she’s thinking about me, she knows, she can FEEL IT!

So it should be.

Paye LAgu, Memsahib.

You are always a Goddess, and I so wish it was accepeted to kiss a woman’s foot to greet her, apologize all of it, much like handshakes!


Mike Watson

PS – Speaking of which , Sophia Mam wants green nailpolish for herself. Green, green hats, such a nice choice eh. Hehe. She’s the best!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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