Indian girls, those lovely BROAD soles!

Indian girls, those lovely BROAD soles!

Especially those somewhat on the heavier – or “older” (so called older, I love it anyway, older ladies are better, the mind is even more dominating which is what counts and matters!) … side.

I dont know, ladies from the subcontinent – Indian, Pakistani, maybe even Bangladeshi.

There is SOMETHING to their feet!

Fair skinned, broad feet – always impeccously maintained in most cases!

I’ll always remember the two SUPER BRATTY, corpulent women I once saw in a small park in India years ago …

They stepped into the park like they owned the place, their lovely perfume – you could smell it from miles away, almost!

And as soon as I looked at their lovely BIG feet, the toes polished RED perfectly – I got it!

Flat sandals.

Remember, each lady needs – and prefers her feet massaged differently, heavier ladies, the arch more if they wear high heels, but flats are best for ladies I feel. So much more better and comfortable for the sole!

And I dont know, even if the nailpolish isn’t that bright …

The toes, the way they stand out, the broad feet in general, the way the feet are always maintained…

Last afternoon, I saw an Indian Goddess, all in black, nothing great to “look at” – most guys would say – but the FEET!


They spoke VOLUMES!

And so did the giggly glint in her eyes as she passed me, she KNEW!

Ditto for so many other pairs of Indian feet I keep saying.

Theyre just so delectably different … yet dominating!

Indian – or ladies from the subcontinent, I should say, have their own brand of femdom – period!

Big time.

And the best ode to the is the Serving an Indian Goddess series – my first, and still most popular!

“Hauntingly beautiful” was how one female reader put it!

And so it is, my friend.

So it is, as you read the true tale of Mike Watson and Priyanka – or Jyoti – as you might have it !

Those flip flops, those lovely feet, the toenails painted RED …

Always hooked, Ma’am!

Get the series NOW (and the Sequels too).


Mike Watson

PS – Here is what Madam Dani, one of my translators, and indeed one of the best had to say about translating for me …

Still, I haven’t translated more, my last book was yours. I miss translating, maybe I will go back in my free time. Translating your books is always delightful, I learn from them too, now I only need to put them into practice. If it is not a problem for you that I take little time to translate, I will take one book soon.

Ma’am, thank you!

Yes, my books do teach a lot, so do my manuals, “one of a kind” as it were.

Still, such an honor to hear those (heartfelt) words from you.

Take your time – we’ll get going on the next translation soon!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!