That lovely sole shot, those lovely Indian girls…

That lovely sole shot, those lovely Indian girls…

Reason for what you might ask, those that read the “subtitle” above?

Well, a reason I’ve been unable to get my mind off … FEET for the entire morning!

Thats nothing unusual for me, of course.

But last afternoon, I was out and about, and the first thing I saw?

Some lovely Indian girls out for an outing at the movies.

One was fat, but heavily made up – SO NICE! – and she was wearing a short skirt, as those legs, and the impeccably maintained Indian feet walked across heavy traffic on the dusty road, it was all I could do to stop staring – or not. Hehe.

Those lovely brown legs…

Then, I was at Mc Donalds for a brief while.

The lady in front of me, all I saw was hair, and her shoes (flat)- and the soles rising every so often from the shoe!


And so hypnotic was it that I almost forgot I was in a public area, and I almost forgot my food!

Every time Ma’am’s foot “rose” from the shoe? I was just thinking soles, soles, soles!

(I hadn’t seen her face, toes, anything!).

Reminds me of what an ex once told me.

“Look at the whole girl! Not just her feet!”

She’s right in her own way.

But me – and ANY true foot fetishist – KNOWS the power that one sole shot has!

I’ve mentioned before how that one Chinese girl sitting outside a real estate agency literally BLASTED my brain with that one unintentional, casual sole shot as I was walking home after a workout.

oh my!

I would have gladly begged to give her my entire bank balance – much like I did once with “Sophie Ho”, a lovely 38 year old lady in Southern China!

“u paying!”

Was all she said, with that delightfully dominant POSE! Entitled, bratty, rude, arrogant, made up to a T. So NICE!

As I told Megan Ma’am this morning …

“Madam, there was a Chinese lady that once walked into a Starbucks, and just arrogantly put her feet up on a table”.

When a man nearby said it was rude, and asked her to remove her feet, she spat at him and insulted him – not to mention the yelling. Hehe.

Chinese girls, truly so dominating and bratty!

Thats a real life story I’ve written about SO OFTEN – and then one in Empress Cody I believe about a woman literally slapping her husband multiple times at immigration – right at the checkpoint, while the officer just looked on!

Then, about some girl insulting a guy publicly, and driving off with another man … in front of him, while first guy was on his knees!

All true stories, but if Madam Megan was that lady in Starbucks?

“Madam, I’d bring you a chair for your feet too!” Hehe.

And last, but not least, the “Madam” thing …

“Do you call everyone Mrs?” as many ladies have often asked me.


I wouldn’t dare.

But thats a certain – funny – aspect of the wechat translation software – one of many funny aspects, that Madam translates into “MRs”.

I love explaining how it’s just a polite term for ladies in English, and then of course typing out “Ma’am” which translates correctly…

And that, my friend is that.

Back to Indian sole shots, they just make me dizzy.

So do my Indian femdom Recollections, one of my most popular books ever.

You’ll want to grab it NOW (more real life stories and a real sneak peek into Mike Watson’s mind as well!).


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