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Why can’t men be “tied to her” – as opposed to the other way around!

Thought of the day, and a short one at that – I just saw a lovely lady (mind) on Medium saying “dont call me Mrs”.

I dont know if she is married, divorced, in a relationship, single, not, trans, not  … (perhaps not) …

But as soon as I saw the title it hit home.

For me, you’ll notice throughout this site, throughout the other older site, throughout ALL my writings – I dont use the term “Mrs “even once, I believe!

Not for me either. HEhe. Though I’d love to be a Mrs for a real “man”!

Or trans… hehe. Like the lovely dominating Stephanie Ma’am who makes me SO WEAK!

Or, perhaps a normal older lady like Gaby Ma’am!

Those glasses, the way she stares. So NICE!

But anyway, she (the poster) was right.

Personally, I use the term Madam – or Princess – or Ma’am – or Ms for ladies – ALL ladies.

I cannot recall using the term Mrs in … like forever, or ever,even when I was young, it didnt seem right!

It “ties” a woman down in many ways societally to a man – the “adopting last name thing” and if thats what someone wants, thats fine, but it shouldnt be forced upon someone as it is with many people.

Yes, “deep thinking” people would mock – many of my friends mock me for just that (and I love it. Hehe. Gotta love the idiots “hollow” insults, threats and mocks) …

… but think about it, it’s true.

“Mr” doesnt tie the man down, does it?

Then why should Mrs ?

And thats the question, or thought of the day.

Why shouldn’t a man take a woman’s last name – not the other way around?

More pertinently … why do we NEED this thing at all we call “marriage” if we dont WANT it (ie those that dont!?).

Believe me, being stuck in a marriage that was destined to fail, never works, or a relationship “just for family’s sake” or “society’s sake” – that is FETTERING who we truly are, what we truly want, those hidden desires never go away, you will NEVER be happy fully in a situation like that.


If you choose to accept that, thats fine, but not all of us do!

Write back – let me know what you think!


Mike Watson

PS –  A huge thank you to Ma’am who posted the initial story on Medium. I’d kiss your feet for saying that if I could, Princess (if you’d allow it!).

PS #2 – Female dominated stories, all TRUE – here.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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