Paying for her crap!

Paying for her crap!

Mistress Abby is so nice, so perfect, so LOVELY, her soles, oh my, she transcends ALL!!! What a QUEEN AND GODDESS!!! I can’t say it enough times! I’d pay to see her shit, literally! (the end “product”, hehe, not “process” obviously)! /…

And wipe her asshole too when she’s done, of course! Paye Lagu, Malkin, you’re so, so NICE! #findom #brat

That is what I Want to say on twitter right now, and matter of fact?

I just said it too. Hehe.

Again, I normally don’t take names, as I mentioned on the other site (unless it’s for  the “outed” page for sissies, fag boys and Bozo Buttler Schofields HERE) …

But, I had to today on the other site – sometimes I do take names there!

And here, while it’s mostly Indian femdom oriented?

As Mistress Abby would no doubt agree with, she’s too perfect, she transcends all, even race!

It must be hilarious for her to know – people would beg to pay – for her shit!

Thats right.

And to wipe her ass when she’s done – literally!

I did that for Jyoti Ma’am so often in Serving an Indian Goddess, most recently for the venerable older lady Pooja Memsahib … JI!

The latter, of course took it to giddy (giggly) limits as you can see in the book – I had to identify what she ate the night before from “it” – and to literally mediate on it, and cum mixtures for hours.

Such a rush, Pooja Ma’am is SO NICE!

But it’s funny for her, isn’t it?

Her bodily waste, and us pathetic subs BEGGING for a taste – or whiff – or just look!

Think about it. you’re on the toilet. Taking a dump.

Out it comes … ploop!

Or, like with Priyanka (Jyoti) Ma’am sometimes – splatter!

I’m not into scat.

But with ladies this dominating, how could you not be ! Hehe.

And think about it.

She’s releasing that nasty stuff from her body, and laughing.

“Some idiot will pay for this too!”


So they will!

Paying to watch her turds, even as they emerge from her pristine, so worshippable rosebud …

Or his, for that matter.

The ultimate humiliation!

And that is that for this one.

Back soon!



PS – I’m nose deep in Master Wang’s asshole so often – or tongue deep, I should say. With his lovely dong straight, up, and dominant!

Here is where you can read more about him!

Those pubes, oh MY!


Cock and feet, boy, cock and FEET. Feet and cock, boy – feet – and COCK!

And I know Master soles and cock SO WELL! He’s so nice, I’m so grateful!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!