The way she talks, the way she SNEERS, it’s so … NICE!

The way she talks, the way she SNEERS, it’s…

Twitter is SO lucky to have you, Ma’am, as I wrote about this morning!

She’s an Asian Goddess – a Filipina Goddess from what I can tell, and I could barely keep from shooting my load in my pants the minute I SAW HER.

She has smooth, flawless skin, she is a BIG lady – means fat – and the perfect example of why it’s NEVER about looks or anything else – it’s about the MIND!

People dont get it, but true femdom and findom enthusiasts looking at the way she simply STARES at you and brandishes her middle finger like “come ‘ere, BITCH!” … you’ll get it!

Indeed, her picture is right next to me – not on Twitter.

Implanted onto my mind.

What a Queen and Goddess, what entitlement, and what a DOMINEERING attitude and nature Ma’am has, and that smooth flawless skin, could be “beauty cams” or whatever, but the VIBE is what shines through, gets me!

“Simp for me, goon for me”, she goes, laughing away – she didnt say “bitch”, but she might well have!   

She ENJOYS it, which is the entire point of it all. i.e. truly enjoys it, not just doing it “to satisfy someone” or for some idiot that loves topping from the bottom.

That TRUE enjoyment shines through, and is key, Ma’am, and Ma’am knows it, of course.

Thank you SO much, Ma’am! Sissy love!

And she’s so NICE – literally, figuratively, and every other way.

And I ain’t even see more than a glimpse of her soles as yet, but from what I did see, it was perfect.

Much like Nandini Ma’am’s feet – except she’s a tad shy about it – for NOW.

’tis my job to bring that inner femdom out, though of course, from the day she added me, it was nigh evident business was the last thing on Madam’s mind. Hehe. until today …

“Yes, I want a servant!”

So does her lovely older Mom – an older lady who keeps changing her lovely photo, and has me sissying in my pants, almost daily!

Nandini knows this, of course.


Two queens and Goddess, “Ma Ji” – and Madam and her daughter, just waiting to be served, worshipped.

as the majority of females, if not ALL – in this lovely world of ours are!

And if you dont know how to do it right – well, my Chinese femdom books are a great, great start!

Really, these books dont just show you or tell you “how to” like my manuals do – they tell you how I did it in real life – and how you can too.

Get to it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Filipina Ma’am is so, so, gorgeous, Madam PLEASE! PLEASE!

Id literally kiss her skin all day as she stares imperiously and ARROGANTLY at me!

She’s so nice, so SUPERIOR!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!