I had to press her head, her feet, bring her juice, whatever she wanted, the work was never ending, …

I had to press her head, her feet, bring…

Baby Halder, a lady in India who once worked as a domestic servant (and let me be honest and frank as I always am, fetish and “play” i.e. consensual is one thing, but this “servant culture” in the subcontinent where it’s literally like keeping a slave at your beck and call, all those fantasies in your head – well, thats in real life, and not necessarily consensual either, they do it for the $$! – that needs to go AWAY – period. Unfortunately due to cultural issues, it probably never will, or wont for a long time anyway).

But anyway, this lady shot to prominence after a life of hardship – after a kind employer “Master” (not in that sense) noticed her talent at “raw” writing and encouraged her to write, write, write.

Even after her stardom after writing a bestselling book in that vein, the lady says “I just want to make him tea!

After work, she wrote – after her long, long shifts of “never ending grueling work while her three children were locked in a room (apparently))” …

“There was a young lady in the house who worked in an office. I had to meet Madam at the bus stop, carry her bag for her – and then as soon as she got home, I’d serve her juice, take her shoes off, massage her feet, head, whatever, the work was never ending!” 

Much like I wrote about in Serving an Indian Goddess. Hehe.

But anyway, that ONE talent you have – that EVERYONE knows you have.

For me, it’s always been writing, and bowing to females. Hehe.

And while Baby (rightfully so) didnt enjoy any of it – obviously! – as I watch my S.O. come back from a swimming class or something (I believe she took her daughter there) – and just COLLAPSE into a chair (admittedly she’s fat, unfit and lazy – but I like her to be that way SO!) – out of exhaustion (you see, Madam was sitting by the pool, hehe) – the expression she often uses “thaki hari” comes to mind.

“Tired, defeated – after work” as she likes to say, and as it translates to. 

Well, I dont know about the after work part, to me its invigorating!

I guess yes, if one were to be in the rat race, with traffic, bosses, and a million other things other than just the work one loves, yes, I’d get it.

But on the other hand a lot of people forget – working from home is just as “demanding” if not more. Takes guts to run on your own steam, fellas – and ladies.

Same thing for housework, women who stay at home, do the chores, dont necessarily have it easier. Remember, the grass is always greener!

anyway … this email is turning into a medly of unrelated thoughts, back to femdom –

As I see her sitting there, collapsed in a chair, eyes closed, I so want to press her sweaty head, and then cover it with a wet cool towel as I bathe her feet in warm water!

Servants do that!

And in India apparently some get paid well to do it too (though that isn’t the majority of course).

(I read something about how a lot of the middle class in India actually demands this of domestic servants, much like in China people go to foot massage salons…)

And then just press those tired, hot feet, squeeze the toes, wriggle them, knuckle the entire arch, really dig my fingers in … each soft spot of flesh being massaged “talking to me”.

Talk to her soles, boy, like I’ve said so many times!

And that, my friend, is what a true femdom lover should be loving and leaking to!


Mike Watson

PS – Not to mention, the natural progression beyond that, lets face it, if you do all the womanly tasks for Daddy, well, Daddy needs a woman, and YOU need a man. Hehe.

Feet and cock, boy, you even suck her toes like COCK, let’s admit it!

And for you cock lovers out there, to attract COCK to you – learn how to worship it well first, and fantasize about it till it becomes part of your being.

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Actually, pick up MORE books too, but I’ll stop here, I meant to write three steps, I wrote five…

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PS #2 – And dont ignore the toes while giving foot massages, boys! I talk a lot about the sole, rightfully so, but the toes need to be massaged, squeezed, wriggled, and you DO need to dig your fingers in there. Trust me, it feels awesome!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!