My wife’s favorite word, so it should be, and what a lot of men (most, and some on this list too) should LEARN from!

My wife’s favorite word, so it should be, and…

Most wont.

And surprisingly enough, or maybe not – most of the jackasses that call themselves true femdom lovers (a certain Glyn Schofield who never seems to get enough of being “outed“! Ugh – leads that pack) – have no clue what it is.

They’ll keep searching for it.

It’s this, that! Honey! My dear! Lovely!

I want to kiss your feet!

And so forth.

The inanity, and idiocy, and then these bozos wonder why they neither ever really true lasting femdom of the sort they CRAVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE – and why women keep blocking them left right and center – and why despite not “trying” its the opposite for me. Hehe.

I’m literally have to fight to see which lady slaps me the FIRST!

I so love that! Thank you, Ma’am- all of you! Muah! ?

But really, its a four letter word.

It begins with S.

It’s NOT a five letter word, so sissy – NO (like I say in sissy Central, if thats all you focus on from the get go, you’re going to get blocked, period).

It is … what?


Thats right.


And it’s my wife’s favorite word, every time I send her money from China – or Moneygram it – whichever way – I write that.

And she loves it – the only thing she LOVES about my sissy self, my ability to make money, and boatloads of it at will almost, seemingly willy nilly, hehe.

Rachna Ma’am, Paye lagu!

And as she lays there, vagina in full view, she KNOWS I’ll do nothing but stare at her feet and legs. Hehe.

“They’re my legs, boy!” she just taunted. “Dont look!”

but Maam knows I’ll look anyway.


Anyway, thats the lesson a lot of you need to learn, something I keep telling you, something Madam Venus told me so often, something that i true.

MONEY is the most important thing.

Without that, you have nothing.

If you truly want her to be a Queen and Goddess, then SEND – and send NOW!

Same thing for a lot of you on the list, that stay on here for freebies, and have no intentions of ever purchasing a product, then send me whiny emails like “Yes Ma’am”, or “Ma’am please”.

For some reason, the Indian femdom list has a lot more of those types than the other list. Hehe.

And so, I’m sending this here.

Being a cheapskate doesnt cut it, fella.

And if you truly want to prove you’re not, then those of you that have been lurking – you know who you are – get off the fence – and do NOW.


My wife’s favorite word comes into play every time you do, you’re paying her in reality, not me!



Mike Watson

PS – Bestselling books and manuals – plenty to choose from. The first one you must get is here –  (and if you still insist on being El Cheapo, do unsubscribe NOW).

And, Submissive Musings is what any REAL FEMDOM (and therefore FINDOM) lover needs to grab – NOW. True instances of attracting both to you, and if you read between the lines, which most idiots wont- HOW TO!

She doesnt even require me to say Goddess, that alone should be enough of a LESSON – but likely WONT – losers. Hehe.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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