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Why I so love giving my wife daily pedicures

And sometimes multiple times a day – even though Madam often, for her own amusement makes me DRINK the water in which I just washed her feet!

Extreme, perhaps?

But such a turn on, nothing is too extreme in terms of true femdom, and it took her a while to work up to it.

(Hint – Bozos globally, if you approach your woman and ask her like a certain Schofield Scammer in Brum (Birmingham) once did “Ma’am, I want to wash your feet and drink the water”) – well, you’ll likely get slapped or blocked or both.

Do it right, like yours truly does, well, the results are there for ALL TO SEE!


Not just because of fetish, not just because I love serving her.

But because, as Madam Carol once sagely said as I was pressing her feet (with lotion) after a long drive…

“I need it!” 

“The left foot more!” 

(because of the driving. Oddly enough, I think I not only drove that entire trip, but also held her umbrella at certain “angles” as I was instructed to, so the rays of the setting sun did not hit her pristine skin. SO NICE!)

And with my wife?

Well, her feet just tend to get so dirty, her soles so cracked every time she goes out – even in shoes!

So I give her a pedicure today, and the soles – and the cracks around the heels are apparent a few hours later!

And to any self respecting sissy, thats terrible, his Madam having cracked soles!

So, as Madam Lucy once told me.

“BEcause your Madam needs them!”

And … thats the very essence of femdom.

Doing it for her, because SHE needs or wants it, not necessarily you – believe me, I’d rather be kissing her soles sometimes!

But the sheer joy of SERVING her as she laughs, relaxes further into a dominant mindset (more than she already is) – the sheer joy, bliss and pleasure is … well, INDESCRIBABLE.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji.

You’re so NICE!


Mike Watson?

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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