Indian Femdom

What I do to make my wife’s job easier…

Not that she has a lot of ’em, many, or any!

Finances, well, we all know whose responsible. Hehe.

But she works “part time” as a recruiter, and it’s an insanely frustrating job at the best of times, especially these days.

Now, something I’ve often said about recruiters and it’s true – for the most part, theyre about as useful as screen doors on a submarine. Hehe.

My wife used to be a recruiter back in the day too, and I still remember Madam sending me off on a job interview (back when I DID work a job) “because it may work out” – she hadn’t even looked at my resume. Hehe.

She did, however, call me and remind me not to wear jeans to the interview!

Misplaced priorities – or lesson to be learnt in the future – you decide! Hehe.

The way she tutored me on the phone, I still remember (chortling). Hehe.

Anyway ………

As she deals with her job, I dont just massage her legs, feet, back and all that – I dont just wash her feet while she works, and give her pedicures.

Often times, and especially NOW as she lies there, that BIG, expanding , VOLPTOUS ass in those extra large shorts which are also getting tight, the flab of the stomach SO VISIBLE she lies there in THAT profound pose, soles at the ceiling – oh my! – …

I’ll kiss the back of her legs, calves, feet, repeatedly, I’ll keep rubbing them, but most of all – I’ll lick her ass – her rosebud – and kiss those lovely ass cheeks over and over again until a point. 

SOmetimes I’ll give her head in both areas too!

But all of this was hard for to “tolerate” without getting SO aroused she didnt want to work – back in the day.

Now, she’s SO into femdom and femdom wise its so NORMAL For her i.e. what would be deemed as me treating her as a Queen is just “normal” for her (so it should be – Femdom Progressions is another great idea for a new book, along with “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – maybe book #3 in that series!) …

… that she’s aroused, she loves it, but continues to work!

And I continue to kiss, lap, until she demands or wants more …

I have the smell of her ass on my LIPS right – RIPE with …she recently took a shit too. a Dump. Call it what you will. She cleaned, obviously, but the very thoughts, the spectacle, and the “taste” – it’s different! 


And I should know that, so should Pooja Memsahib … JI!

I better get back to sucking her toes now!

Y’all get the books above, and some Indian femdom stuff – you will LOVE Them.


Mike Watson

PS – Odes to Rachna Ma’am – another book in the works, for now, you can read 25 Odes to Pooja Memsahib… JI! – along with the above!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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