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The MOLTEN AFTERGLOW – of real man SEX!

It simply cannot be mistaken, my friend, and you know it!

There are TWO feelings – or three, rather. Hehe. But we’ll focus on two first! – that are PRICELESS- and cannot be replicated.

First, for men, that truly EARTH SHATTERING orgasm – and the “laugh” – the UNCONTROLLED laugh after the orgasm as if to say “what the fuck!”

That black stud, slim black dude I once wrote about with the beautiful dong, curved up – so NICE! That chest so SEXY! – pumping away at the girl, then her cuckold’s mouth, and finally – a massive load long coming, so massive that even though he was balls deep in his throat, his pubic hair literally IN the cuck’s nose – MY! So SEXY! – and therefore the cum BLASTED down cuck throat as it should – it still spilled!

And, the best part?

His laugh later, as his dick remained hard, a HUGE blob of man juice still hanging off as the cuck timidly licked it off, without being asked (key!) – oh my!

I ALWAYS talk about that sort of thing with my wife, and the girl in the vidoe laughed sardonically while caressing the black guy’s chest!

Thats going to be a BIG part of your sex life from here on in!


But that is one of them, the second?

For females, that lovely BLISS you feel, that EYES AGAPE staring post – or during, remember, females can have continuous orgasms – that hill you NEVER slide off – lying there, in UTTER BLISS and ectasy – eyes SPARKLING – that AFTERGLOW of being BANGED – nothing replaces it!

And not even anal, I mean vaginal, coital SEX!

With a a real man that can STAY hard, not yours truly that “oh God, he’s limp again!”


And of course, these two feelings cannot be replicated.

As my wife lies there, and as I so want to press her shins NOW (last night her knees and ankles were hurting from all her extra weight, though I dared not say it!) … I can SMELL the sex coming off her!

Lying there with legs spread WIFE open, skirt hiked up without a CARE (although yesterday she was telling another lady to CARE, hehe, because her butt was showing or what not) – WIDE open, I should say, though WIFE also works!! Hehe. – eyes GLAZED and whole Body RELAXED — OH MY!

(I still remember Madam Ashley once telling me when I asked her about wifi. 

“I dont think you have a wife!” 

Hehe. ) 

And the cum oozing out of that hairy pussy, so NICE!

And, the SATISFACTION, almost orgasmic, she gets on spending money EXCLUSIVELY on herself!

Every girl knows what I mean by the above two, so does every sissy. Hehe.

And everyone knows what I mean by the title above…

You cannot fake it.

And as a sissy and cuckold, there is NO better feeling than to serve – while observing – and FEELING IT!

Well, maybe one …

We’ll get into that in the PS.

For now, thats it.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – To combine the MINDBLOWING bliss of continual orgasms, each cresting HIGHER THAN THE OTHER – and sheer PLEASURE of the same – well, do what SissyGasm Central tells you to. Truly mind BLOWING especially combined with blowjobs, and other activities.

And, for studs and cucks alike!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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