Pooja Memsahib … Paye Lagu, MADAM JI!

Pooja Memsahib … Paye Lagu, MADAM JI!

As I saw her yesterday, even after everything that has happened, she unconsciously removed her soles from my view. Hehe.

Girls have done that to me so often, the same girls that dont care if others look. (at their SOLES, not their bodies, those same girls didnt mind me looking at their bodies!).

Could be the Chinese girl brattily putting her feet up (she was clothed in a long T shirt which made it look like Madam wasn’t wearing shorts!) – on her STORE COUNTER of all things, visible to all and sundry, oh my – what a view on a rainy Saturday morning that was! LOVELY!

(before going to meet another bratty lady to “work for her” for three hours, I believe).


Or, girls in general – in my books I often write about how Chinese girls giggle, act coy, do all they can NOT to show their soles “they’re just soles”, they keep saying – because they … KNOW!

They can sense it too. Hehe. Every girl can, actually!

If you’re TRULY submissive, you will attract it, they will sense it. It cannot be taught except how I teach it in my book on attracting it … and the other books that are part of that series (unwritten series as yet, but it’s a series alright!). They go together!


Pooja Maam removed those soles from my view …

Before that, she had one foot at right angles to the other thigh, the sole was SO VISIBLE!

She is SO BRATTY, the feet so dirty, she is so MANLY, that FAT stomach, I cannot stop thinking about her, as I’ve often said…

And feet, soles, I’ve often had a great relationship with them as you can tell! Hehe.

Once upon a time a certain Carol was buying clothes for me.

On Taobao.

I was looking at her boots all throughout.

“Look here!” she pointed at the clothing, giggling somewhat, but stern as well.

She does it SO well, those eyes softening when I look at her feet, which I can never help but look…

Anyway, thats that for now.

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