Indian Femdom

Shikha Malkin, Paye Lagu!


I’ve made no secret of the fact that my femdom seeds were sown from a young, young age indeed!

Right from my “boyhood” (did this cuck ever become a MAN? I think no! ?) in India . . . the subcontinent, as it were!

And the lovely ladies of the subcontinent.

Madam Vandana, and her perfect FEET . . .

My 8th grade Civics teacher, and her ruthless way of punishing me, and taking her frustrations out on me (she shouldn’t have, but hey!). ?

And of course, Goddess Shikha (I believe I mentioned her?) and the “Joota saf kar! Chal!” comment that while playfully uttered stuck in mind ever since!

(Clean my shoes, BOY! is what that means for those not schooled in Hindi, one of the languages they speak in the Indian subcontinent!)

A lovely (well, not by conventional standards, but those EYES! ?) Indian girl of about 14, and her Asian looking friend of about the same page, and me — — also about 14, and she uttered that out of the blue.

Get me a drink, BOY! Jaldi! (quickly!)

She FELT it.

She probably had no idea what femdom was on a conscious level, but she could FEEL IT!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! (as Garima Madam often said, with a smack to the back of my head, don’t forget the “ji”, BOY!)

(“Ji” is a way to emphasize respect in India and other parts of the subcontinent from what I understand, but even if I wasn’t, Garima Madam is always the BOSS!)

And I wouldn’t dare disobey her unless I wanted to be dick slapped by Master Jerome, whose long, THICK black cock felt like a garden hose punching me when he dangled it in front of me . . .

Garima Madam, you truly were the BEST! I still feel the LUST writing this . . .

And back to the story — indeed the seeds of TRUE femdom were planted … a long time ago!! 😉

And did they bear fruit? YOU be the judge, my friend.

This morning I saw a lady — — an Indian lady, I believe, standing next to a vegetable seller — — and “haggling” over the price of vegetables.

It’s NOT about her looks, or age, BOY! Her MIND is what counts . . .

This lady was nothing spectacular to look at — — in fact some (or most!) might say “plain and dowdy” — — or just “plain”.

She was nowhere near fit either — — and was FAT, actually … if I were to be perfectly honest with you!

Neither was she young — — or stylish — — or any of the “metrics” used (normally) to measure attractiveness in women.

But she had that vibe, oh boy, she had that vibe … and something that of course drew me to her other than the vibe were her feet!

Those lovely, broad Indian feet — — the toes painted just the right shade of pink … large toes, and long as well … and those broad, sexy soles … and heels cracked just that much …

She was wearing plain silver flip flops, and the entire picture was JUST like the pair of feet on the cover of the “Serving an Indian Goddess” compilation — — a highly, highly acclaimed piece of work and one you simply must grab if you’re in any way, shape or FORM serious about … FEMDOM!

Puns and rhymes aside, and aside from the fact that (as I’m sure I will find it inscribed on my tombstone — — and yours by now too, if you’re following me daily and closely!) her LOOKS — or external appearance matters NOT when it comes to TRUE femdom — I was reminded of something.

An event that occurred years and years ago, and an event that for some reason “stuck in my mind”.

I’ve mentioned this briefly in emails before, but I will do so again — now!!

Many years ago, yours truly was a skinny lad in high school — — and the girls were wearing skirts as part of their school uniforms. Yes, those were the days of school uniforms — -at least where I was at that point in my life — — white school skirts, and black shoes.

Sounds plain, but it was anything but, especially with their LEGS on full display, and for a randy 13 year old interested in femdom … well …!

One afternoon, I saw a couple of girls giggling at me, both Indian girls.

One was a girl who had asked my permission to “cheat from me” during the exams — — something I wasn’t too happy about and denied, but something I think she did anyway (although I did NOT condone it!).

And the second was her friend, and for whatever reason they were laughing. I believe it wasn’t at me specifically, but they saw me notice them.

They giggled at me.

“Whats up, Michael”

“Uh, not a lot”. And for some reason I looked at the second girl (her name was “Shikha”)’s eyes. For some reason those eyes suddenly seemed mocking, the state DOMINANT and penetrating, those young eyes seemingly penetrating to the very depths of my SOUL itself — as the other girl looked on, laughing, eyes inquisitive and ablaze with curiosity.

And I remember thinking that her shoes were dirty, and …

Out of the blue, the command came!

Believe it or not … it came … and half playfully, and yet (subconsciously) half knowingly, she commanded loudly …

“Clean my shoes, boy! Hurry!”

And she did it in their local language, which is Hindi, and the language Ms. Priyanka, her of the “Indian Goddess” series rightfully made me learn…!

“Joota saf kar! Chal, jladi!” This said in the most mocking and humiliating manner possible.

And they giggled it away later, but I still remember Shikha looking at me with those eyes.

Years later, as I think about it deeply, I believe there was some small talk that happened, maybe …I think “what happened” or something was what they were asking as they sensed I wasn’t happy about the cheating/copying … 

… I didnt tell them, I think, maybe I did, I dont remember the exact occurences, but they started giggling, and … well, I dont know how it came around to that topic .. but! 

Some things are MEANT TO HAPPEN – like with Shikha Ma’am! I wonder where she is, over 40 now, probably dominating, FAT, bratty, feet perfectly pedicured, so NICE (like the lady I saw last afternoon..)

That afternoon, the first thing I did upon going home was to lock myself in my room, and jerk off — — and combined with Madam Vandana, our physics teacher (that’s another tale for another time — — another Indian lady!) and the memories of her feet, toes painted BRIGHT RED, it didn’t take me long to cum at all.

And this girl, by the way, wasn’t a looker either — — and didn’t have the best of figures either (unlike Ms Vandana who at the time had both, but again, that’s a different tale for a different time!).

Its never about her looks, boy — -its about her dominant vibe — — and serving her as she deserves to be, and while I (obviously) never got around to doing it that day — — I still remember that day as vividly as if it happened yesterday — — and it is, in my opinion, one of the solid BEDROCKS upon which my entire philosophy of femdom has been founded!

Indeed, Madam!

And that’s that for now. Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past as much as I did bringing it to you — — believe me, it was humiliating when she said that — especially considering many other girls (and some guys) were looking on, but that didnt prevent me sprouting the boner of my nascent post-puberty LIFE at that point — and I’d probably have done exactly what she said if our Biology teacher (NO pun intended, and neither do I believe in coincidences ..!) had not walked in at that point!

But that is but the tip of what the humiliation iceberg ENCOMPASSES, my friend — — and if you’re into that — — and if you’re reading this, I bet you are — — well then Humiliation Central will be RIGHT UP your alley, my friend. Check it out right here — —


Mike Watson

P.S.- Be sure and check out our very extensive collection of Chinese femdom here-

PS – For more such erotic and HUMILIATING, INSULTING, Indian femdom – and true, by the way “recollections” or memories, or FACTS, or experiences whatever you choose to call ’em?

Thats funny, I was thinking about Shikha Ma’am – and a certain Ashita Ma’am – last night!

And here we are today, a Japanese Queen and Goddess truly into femdom, you can feel it, she loves it – bumping her own post up by “liking” what I said (so I could remember Ma’am and simp to her a bit more , hehe , I got that part, but really “Master, you’re so smart!” – and Madam IS! So I call her MASTER! So I should!) … Hehe.

Truly Mistress of the game, I know why she “liked”, yet, I’m powerless to stop her. Hehe.

Anyway, I asked her to say it in Japanese. We’ll see, maybe I’ll write about it soon!

As I’ve said, when she dominates you in her own language, its different, even more brutal – – and intense – and oh so sexy!

On that note, I better go NOW. I forgot to make Rachna Ma’am’tea in the excitement of writing all this! 😳😳😲😲


Oh, for those erotic and true experiences – facts like I call ’em, femdom is a FACT my friend, fact of life, if you aint on board, you need to be, if you dont want to be, you dont need to be here – go here –

Even Google, or Goggle as a certain Freddie once pronounced it, LOVES this one. Hehe. so it – SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paye lagu, ma’am. You’re SO NICE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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