Pooja Memsahib … Paye Lagu, Malkin… JI! Yet again …

Pooja Memsahib … Paye Lagu, Malkin… JI! Yet again…

Years later Madam STILL has that same impact on me. Hehe.

But it’s not been years later, it’s just been a couple!

Or perhaps a bit more.

But every time I see her, she seems to DRILL straight through me with her eyes – I sort of understand now what girls feel like when guys mentally undress them with their eyes – they feel NAKED – while fully clothed. Hehe.

And it’s not nice, in my case?

I dont mind – that X ray vision, those probing, older eyes – kohl lined – so nice!

Today, as I caught a glimpse of her feet, they seemed softer, more hidden – and then I saw it – I got it!

Madam Ji had “mehendi” (a style of Indian decoration) on her lovely FEET – the sides were looking so pretty!


And … the soles?

I dont know, she didnt show me those.

I’m not sure if Indian ladies get mehendi done on their soles – but I’m sure they do.

Anyway …….

Pooja Memsahib .. JI! is a once in a lifetime book – both the Volumes written in the flow.

You’ll FEEL the sheer impact she had on me, you’ll FEEL it like a knockout punch from a boxer – or Madam’s backhanded slaps – or her slaps to the back of my HEAD – most of all, and her nice!

Her lovely, dominating, HARSH – and GRAVELLY VOICE!

And those eyes, that look, that bad, those BROWN legs…

Indian girls, ladies, all such Queens and Goddesses!

And in addition to the book above, get MORE Indian femdom books HERE.

You’ll truly FEEL what I BE Talking about!


Mike watson


“I think ‘Pooja Memsahib Ji!’ it is much more than a simple traditional erotic novel where most of the time, the plot focuses only on sex, sex and sex, highlighting the anatomical dimension of eroticism, and this book is much more than that.

Personally, I had never read an erotic novel in which the “inner universe” stood out above other things (I think you get the point, hehe) that is unleashed by male sexual arousal caused by a really beautiful, imperious and above all dominant woman ( hehe) like Pooja. “

(Mauricio Eduardo Flores)

And he’s right – BDSM is all about the mind, THAT is what makes it so extreme (if you so choose).

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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