Indian Femdom

What a perfect, sexy STUD just told me …

Remember the dude I mentioned HERE?

His penis – oh MY!

More than that though, I haven’t even seen his dong properly (though I’ve requested him, but he’s sent me some pics already) – more than that, his attitude, the way he fucks cowgirl – reminds of Madam Ashley and me (11 Missed Femdom Opportunities) – when she got on me – I was HARD AS A ROCK – she was playing with my nipples – of course, as soon as Madam got on top – limpie central.

For Madam, frustration Central!

I so wish this “Ayush” guy was there at that point!

His dong alone, staring at it would keep me hard, and Ashley wouldn’t need me for sex at that point, and I’d be happily pressing her feet later!


But anyway …………

I was talking to him about Madam Su (cuckoldress au extraordinnaire as ya’ll KNOW). 

And how she’d LOVE his penis, that head, that fucking, and that hot LOAD he spurts at the end! 

Okay…then let her taste some of it !

Yes Sir!

Your girl can get lucky too ❤️‍?

And he’s right, maybe my wife can too! Hehe.

He is SUCH A STUD – as are many on this list!

And as I said …

Ayush Sir, you’re truly “Gods gift” in that regard!
I’d call you Master. You’re so dominating! Hehe.

But you’re a real man, thank you so much.


I mean, he is SO dominant, those hot chicks with him love him SO!

Master Ayush has such a nice and PERFECT ring to it!

Anyway …. why do I mention this?

Not just to tell you what he told me,  but to tell you – that a lot of people here on this list – perhaps YOU reading this – truly, desperately want your fantasies to come true.

Like a reader from (India, I believe) –

I m cockold fantasy son

I love watch my mom fucking hard

And so forth.

He is HOOKED onto our emails – literally – he replies INSTANTLY.

“fuck my mom in hard with bi couple”

Truly cuckolded, hehe – except he isn’t in that he wants it in reality as well in addition to reading.

The problem with a lot of him, and some on this list too …

“sorry I have no money”.


Dude, nothing is free in this life.

And if you want quality intros from our list, personally curated by the “Real Mc Coy of Femdom” then you have to pay what it costs – a very reasonable fee of $100 for introduction on this list, and $250 for a PERSONAL intro is all I asked him, perfectly reasonable …

If you never have any money, it might be a good time to UNSUBSCRIBE From the list and go back to finding free wank porn on the internet or something.

I mean really people act in a STUPID manner – “no money, no honey” as Madam Venus (herself another cuckoldress as y’all know) says!


And that, my friends is that.

We are not only the one top – STOP – solution for WRITTEN material on everything we discuss – for those wanting it in real life – we’re more than happy to oblige too!

So if you’re part of the crowd that wants in – then email me back, and I’ll HOOK you up fantasy wise (provided you send me a written description of what you want) – with the right “match” for a very reasonable fee as well!

Interest is growing – pun – like Ayush’s long beautiful COCK, hehe -in our OUTED list too!

So there’s that too.


Enough for now.

Back SOON!



PS – Those interested, please send in PROPER descriptions of what you DESIRE – not one liners like the above. You dont have to write a book on it, but at least be coherent. Thank you!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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