Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib truly has the kick – of a MULE!

Chal HAT!

It could be the older Indian lady I saw in Bollywood movie “Anmol” once – a crappy movie I didnt even finish, or get halfway through, all I watched was the femdom scenes at the beginning, and the taunts the leading lady gets through most of the movie (though she DOES have a man groveling in front of her at one point, literally almost kissing her feet, her tormentor at that for years – my, how the tables turned then!) … kicking away the girl massaging her feet.

“Chal HAT!”  (with the last word emphasized, it means “move!”).

It’s a rude way in Hindi of saying … “Get the fuck away!

It could be a clip I recently saw of a certain “Jigyasa Singh” (that clip is ALL I know of her!) – getting her legs massaged while eating, then tossing the food away, and then kicking the servant on the shoulder (away) for not doing a good job.

So imperious, rude, bratty and … so HUMILIATING for the servant, truly knowing HER PLACE! (should be his. Hehe).

“Chal HAT!”

She says that while kicking the servant away.

And this same thing I’ve seen repeated, imperious Madam’s raising not a hand, but a FOOT to smack the servant, often times for NO fault of theirs!

Think about it, you’re doing your job, and Madam STILL Smacks you. HEhe.

Thats what true femdom is all about!

Because she CAN.


(and no, I dont condone what goes on in India in real life in that regard, obviously).

But anyway …

In Serving an Indian Goddess, Priyanka would WAVE – or point me away imperiously when  a phone call.

She wouldn’t even hit me, I’d know from the vibe, I’d look up from my task, usually bent over at her feet, and she’d be STARING dominantly at me, that ONE forefinger would point (what a profound pose!) – and she’s wag it imperiously at me.

And I’d disappear …boy! Hehe. (or bitch, I should say, slut, chattel, as she treated me – as she SHOULD – as I’m SO GRATEFUL FOR!).

“Chal HAT!” (without her even saying it. ).

I could and should probably put THAT as the title of this post. Hehe. MAybe I will change it later, I dont know.

but for now, Pooja Memsahib Ji … has, as always a different take on it.

YES, she often kicks me away like that for no fault of mine.

But her kicks to the BOLLOCKS – oh my – those strong legs, strong like Garima’s from a LIFETIME of hard work – MY!

They just feel different, she says NOTHING when she does it, she just PUNTS me, SMACKS ME ONE – at the BASE of the balls, using that special technique I detail in Ballbusting 101!!!!!!!!!!!

😲😲It is UNLIKE anything I’ve ever felt.

And I’m priveleged to bring you that STUNNING technique, and several more in Ballbusting 101– get it NOW.

And thats that. My, she showl has the KICK of a mule! And an agitated one, hehe. (she is SO NICE though. muah. 😘)


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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