The flip flop clad (smack!) – DARK skinned, black haired Indian Queen and Goddess I just saw!

The flip flop clad (smack!) – DARK skinned, black…

Probably nothing unique about what I said, you’ll think. But there is, if you’re truly into femdom, you know each woman is different, each has a different brand of dominance, no matter how subtle or not, no matter how slight or not, and as i stood there in the slight rain this afternoon (it came out as “rani” – Queen in India!! hehe) …

… I saw MAdam.

For a sum total of maybe FIVE SECONDS!

Dressed in black, white flip flips clacking again the dust and grime of India…

And Ma’ams legs!

Thats all I saw.

She wasn’t a beauty Queen by any standard, but I’d drop down and kiss her feet there, Ma’am, I so remember thinking I want to wash and massage your feet after the rigors of the day, those poor soles, must be so GRIMY!

Just such a Queen, and she walked on past by …

The way she walked, each foot falling heavily on the road, poor lady!

I dont know what else to say.

but I had to write this ode to her.

She deserves it.

All women do!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji. You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson
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