Massaging her maid’s feet…

Massaging her maid’s feet…

Sometimes I dont know who to call Madam!

I really dont, my friend.


This isn’t about, as a lady once told me – massage my DOG’s feet, boy!

I still remember thinking “what a strange way to dominate”, yet, years later, I’ve seen pro dominas (she wasn’t) say that too. Hehe. It makes sense from a certain perpsective, though I’m staying away from animals!

As a tall black stud and me once laughed about when discussing his lovely long thick dick and “gorilla” (built like a silverback gorilla he was).

We dont want to go there, I said, chortling.

Likewise, he replied. Hehe.

But anyway back to it –

Hemlata Ma’am and her maid who I just wrote about … in THIS post …

But thats just an example – it could be anyone!

But with all the servitude in real life in the subcontinent, those examples hit home the most – especially with my background in the subcontinent and those experiences I had growing up – some of the most vivid, beautiful experiences (and now memories) – which you simply MUST read about here if you’re in ANY way serious about femdom – real femdom – Indian femdom recollections

I believe there are 16 of them, but there are so many more waiting for Volume Two …

so much more to write!

And teach …

Anyway, it’s so nice!

Sure, she serves Madam – but for me?

She’s the head “servant” – or the boss!

And with both ladies doing their best to make my life tougher, it would be easier for the maid – especially with me massaging her all day and at night, with Madam little more but an intermediary, a supervisor of sorts…

And so it should be!

She could instruct me on how to be more womanly, how to understand womanly vibes even better, how to understand interpersonal relations even better, not that I dont know all of that stuff already.

If I didnt, I wouldn’t write Sissy Central!

But, with her teaching me, I find myself learning – relearning, even what I already know!

Especially when it’s done in that PROFOUND pose, upraised finger, with eyebrows pointing up too …


Dominating women are SO NICE!

And thats what I gotta say.

In India the maids sit on the “floor” apparently, they’re not allowed to use the cutlery, chairs etc – in Madam’s case, I’d probably be the one squatting on the floor, while I’d massage them both, they’d smack me SO!

I can almost feel it.

Madam, you’re so NICE!

And thats what I gotta say, as those lovely BROWN toes come into focus, I’d literally kiss each of them for hours, and smell the soles – press the feet – oh my!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up Profound Poses NOW. It will truly make you LEAK reading it, if you’re a female, you’ll be nodding your head in appreciation “finally someone that truly GETS IT!”.

Mike Watson
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