The Indian maid, and those lovely BROAD FEET!

The Indian maid, and those lovely BROAD FEET!

Indian girls, my!

And I dont know if y’all reading this have been up to date with WHICH maid I’m talking about, but if you’ve been paying attention – you have.

Madam is so gorgeous, such a Queen, from a distance she could easily be mistaken as a “malkin”, not a maid!

She wears the same long dresses as her employer (malkin!).

She talks on long big phones, and she even has MEN come to meet her when she is performing her duties!

Truly, another Madam Manju is this Madam, what a Queen!

I’ve written about her before,

And today, as I walked behind her, it was ALL i could do to stop staring at her feet, those BIG BROAD – yet not maid like (pedicured!) feet – with the nailpolish slightly cracked, but light pink, still so sexy against that DARK skin of hers, dark “dusky” if that makes sense.

Her Madam has SLIGHTLY lighter skin … but dusky and sexy too!

I’ll let y’all guess who the Madam is.

If you guess right, special discount for you on any of the Indian Goddess books! Hehe (no, I’m not talking about Priyanka – Jyoti here!).

Anyway … her feet.

Broad naturally, and strong likely from laboring as a young girl, but NOW, she’s anything but, I keep imagining Madam sitting in the COUCH, one foot on my shoulders, arrogantly staring at me as I wash and press the other leg, and talking DOWN To me, spitting at me, kicking me, while she drinks, smokes, chats on the phone – a true “employer-servant” relationship in India even these days unfortunately, but when the tables are turned, oh, so much FUN!

And worshipping her employer at the same time, another older Queen and Goddess – MY!

Not quite the same rush as worshipping Mother and daughter.

But close, different, and sexy as hell anyway!

Ma’am, you’re so nice – THANK YOU!

I’d truly lick the dust off your soles, so would all the readers here, those lovely brown CALVES.

And I’d hold that foot next to my face as I served it, the fat toes STARING AT ME.

Madam, you’re so beautiful, you’re SO NICE!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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