Orally worshipping a woman … SO!

Orally worshipping a woman … SO!

Oh, man – or Ma’am, hehe – I dont know, I’d rather Ma’am acts like a MAN in bed, wanting what she wants, and getting it, WITHOUT bothering about me!

Anyway, I dont know – I wasn’t going to write this, then I thought I would, then I thought I wouldn’t, then …

So, carrying on from HERE

I’d take her blouse off, WORSHIP, admire those lovely bodacious BOOBS, those “chucche” as they call them in Haryanvi, “mumme” – Hindi – and many other terms, I’d kiss those DARK breasts … suck her nipples all she wanted, I’d kiss the breasts all over, say thank you…

Kissing DOWN, that big tummy of her, I’d kiss all day .. I’d worship the FLAB on it … its so NICE!

This applies as much to the lovely older grey haired Indian maid I see so often!

I’d kiss those strong dark forearms, I’d kiss her entire back, I’d put my tongue in her ear SO … I’d kiss the neck …

Her sweaty armpits, I’d kiss, suck and lick ….

I’d REALLY go to town on her belly button, I’d kiss it , SMOOCH it, I’d … (normally I’d go to ass worship here, but that has been covered in the link above!).

I’d BEG to go “down there”.

And then finally, I would, the legs parted, the head (mine) being ROUGHLY pushed in as a man would, Madam’s foot on my shoulders almost, the sole staring at anyone LOOKING as she moans in even more pleasure getting head, I’d finger her ass, I’d flick her nipples, I’d do ALL I can to make sure that brown, or dark brown skinned LADY gets all the pleasure she WANTS, needs, and DESERVES – SO DESERVES!

The smell of her pussy, the juices, my tongue DEEP in it, outside, kissing the pubic hair, worshipping the inner thighs, the very pubes themselves, the …

And then, leg worship -but thats been covered above has it not??!

Well, I dont know why I wrote this, another ode to women in general, but especially Indian women, those lovely dark skinned ladies!

Paye LAgu, Madam.

You’re so, too nice, you deserve ALL The pleasure you can GET!


Mike Watson

PS – Sexy scintillating red hot tales of Indian women being SATISFIED like the Queens they are – right HERE!

PS #2 – I KNEW there was a reason I saw two ladies, one named “Pooja” of all things – MY! – and another lovely younger lady with small sexy breasts, and kissed them SO in my dream!

Mike Watson
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