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How I’d Love Ms Priyanka to remember me – and how she does!

At the end of the first three books in the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series, the loyal slave – yours truly – leaves his Ms – or rather, his Ms leaves him due to “circumstances”.

Those were never explained in the book, but come the Sequel, we find that the loyal servant still sleeps with his Madams flip flops, the scent of the feet, those memories, those stinging so slaps – all so delightfully STRONG – and his life takes on … well, it becomes meaningless to be honest till Madam finds him again (doesnt life always come full circle? Thats covered very well in the two Sequels!)

… and find you she will as well, I might as well have said in the book ,if you’re  TRULY into femdom and a REAL FEMDOM lover, it will chase you, you wont chase it necessarily. Or at all.

Trust me on this one – my world famous book on attracting female dominance and damn near anything you want in your life to YOU is but more proof of this, and also shows you the way (so those of you still floundering and tons of you , stop being cheap and get the book NOW).

Anyway ……

In another book, the White Tiger (a certain Priyanka Chopra played the female lead in the movie made years later), they chronicle the story of a servant not unlike what I describe in Serving an Indian Goddess!

When he’s at home, the “driver” – is a servant, big time.

He plays with their dogs, isnt allowed to sit on the couches, there’s a hierarchy of servants as well, he’s the lowest of the low – and one of his jobs was to massage his Master’s legs as he sat around in the evening drinking whiskey with his sons, one foot up on the servant’s shoulder like it was a foot rest, the other bathed in warm water that the servant so assidiously prepared, and this would literally go on for HOURS.


When the water got cold, and at that time Master would be a bit drunk, he’d smack the servant on the BACK of the head – that most humiliating manner I’ve written so much about!

Go and get more water, boy!

And the servant would obediently do it.

“its their lot”, he’d explain to his sons who were considerably more Westernized – and more … whats the term?

Ah yes, egalitarian ..

“They expect it!”

In the book that same guy then goes off to a village or something, I dont remember, and then events pan out such that there is a killing somewhere, and its framed on the poor servant, who of course “for his Master” is more than happy to go to jail.

All (unfortunately) happens till this date in India in real life, sad, but true …

… then they find out the person wasn’t dead or something, the servant gets off free, but of course isn’t told about it until the last moment, until he sees Master after a long time, and then two things happen.

One, Master greets him with this …

Not a hi, not a hello, but a huge “Oh, there you are, I’m so HAPPY TO SEE YOU!”

And why?

“I remember those foot massages you gave me, boy!” he goes, and with that he slams one foot on the table, and its back to the foot wash for the servant!

Thats how servants SHOULD be remembered. Hehe.

And of course, he never bothered to tell the servant who was secretly VERY WORRIED about the impending jail term that there was none at all, finally when they did tell him, he wondered why it took them so long, then of course, their attitude was “who cares”.

Now anyway – this book is a great read, I liked it far better than the movie (though the movie has some great visuals femdom wise – or you could apply them femdom wise).

The servant is truly the White Tiger, one of a kind who despite his circumstances STRIVES – and eventually succeeds in breaking out of that mould, something very few manage to do in India (a certain Baby Halder is another example I believe).

But back to it – that is how, you’ll see in the Book Ms Priyanka remembers me!

The first meeting after SO LONG, the first thing that happened, as if there was never any break, was I got back to serving her x 100!

No pleasantries, nothing, the servitude was all both of us wanted, craved, that was all the pleasantry this servant boy needed!

And those stinging slaps – and more – detailed in the Sequel, where Jyoti Ma’am, or Ms Priyanka, depending upon how you look at it, hehe – truly took things to a NEW another level!

This book is one of a kind, my friend, you will want to get it NOW.

And thats that. Back soon!



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