Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib JI! Is so NICE!

I just saw perfection … her ..outside!

In her red sari, today Madam has more red lipstick for some reason – and with ONE foot … well, thats all I saw, I didnt even get to see the sole this time, normally pointed so invitingly, so RUDELY, so ARROGANTLY and dominantly, brattily at me … all I got to see was one toe.

The side view, and the lower half of Ma’am’s lovely shins – which I know so well!

My balls do too.

A lot of those techniques in the book – well, pioneered by yours truly, but tested by Pooja Maa’m, as I’ve said before – Madam has the kick of a MULE!

As always just the mere glimpse of Madam drove me into a frenzy.

She does that to me, could be her lovely sweaty armpits, even sweatier BLOUSE straining at the edges with those massive lovely floppy breasts. Could be her lovely tummy I worship so!

Could be her lovely ass, best part, her fragrant, lovely, ROSEBUD and what comes out of it, as I’ve described in the book in SUCH DETAIL, I think it’s all holy, and it is!

Anyway … you guys owe it to yourself IF you’re into true femdom – and specifically, Indian femdom – to get the book on this Goddess, easily the most Dominant Indian Goddess I’ve ever met – NOW.

And the odes to her …

And back to it – I saw that one foot, the toe, and I can just imagine it on my lap, me cleaning it, pedicuring the top of her feet, before making the soles even softer, “soft like butter” as it were!

I can imagine Madam slapping her other foot down on me like the arrogant guy in White Tiger … and I’d be pressing the calf there, and the foot on the other hand!

Her humiliating me, her staring a hole through me, her LAUGHING at me cynically – oh that HARSH VOICE, it’s such a lovely thing, such a TURN ON!

I can imagine that fat tummy in front of me and those lovely light brown, little tanned arms … those thick fingers, so lovely, the sneer, all of it as she relaxes like the Queen and Goddess she is, and deserves to be!

I can stare at the blouse, the swell of those lovely breasts, so TANTALIZING! OH MY! Drives me NUTS WITH LUST!

I can imagine her slapping me – even if I did a good job, and finally maybe kicking me away … “Chal HAT!”

(that saying was covered in the first link, so I sent you another one, so apt!)

As is Madam’s name “Pooja”.

In India, Hindi I think, it means “worship”, and if there ever was a dominant female force of Nature to be reckoned with, a lady that will make your loins quiver with every harsh word, a lady whose slaps are as tight as her lovely asshole and her KICKS as strong as the dump that comes out of it, a lady, who in short, is the eptiome of what ideal femdom should be like … well, it’s Pooja Memsahib … JI!

And you (again) my dear reader – owe it to yourself to get the book on her NOW – and leave a review, the lengthier the better!

And that is that …

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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