Talk to my ASS, boy! Not me…

Talk to my ASS, boy! Not me…

Dont look at my LEGS, boy!

The command rang out so loudly from my lovely significant other, who makes an extra effort to be rude sometimes it seems.

So it should be, she is SO nice! 😉

And this wasn’t about fetish, we were discussing something entirely non fetish related, and the other day when I was staring at her feet and soles and talking to her (talk to my soles, boy!) – then she told me not to.

Today, Madam was on her stomach as usual, that lovely fat ass voluptously bursting out of her shorts, just BEGGING to be worshipped, I can almost smell the lovely ROSEBUD … the ass crack … all of it, and so I asked her, timidly to turn around (not look at me if she didnt want to) but turn around and talk to me (so I didnt look at her legs, as she told me).

“I’m busy working!” she continued.

“You talk with your mouth, dont you”, she continued. “Then talk, boy!”

And she lay there, back (or ass, rather) to me …

With my mouth?

I do so many things with my mouth, Madam Ji! Hehe. So it SHOULD BE! I can still taste… ah, but back to it…

And I wondered, if I can’t talk to her, her legs, her soles – then what do I talk to.

Maybe her ass, as I’ve written about before…

Anyway this isn’t some sort of fantasy I’ve written about – its real life here in the ole Watson household…in MORE ways than one, EVERYTHING I write about has happened, and will happen to YOU Too (I know, you dream of it!) if you follow the tips in the BOOK on it.

ie attracting femdom to YOU like moths to a flame in REAL LIFE. 

And to read about the dominating “bitch from hell” some might say – for me, its HEAVEN come to earth in Goddess like format, read the ODES to her right NOW.

Trust me, this can happen to you too.

If you only let it!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Madam Sophia, I remember I once asked her (her feet photos are being backed up to multiple locations right now like the precious GEMS they are, hehe) … about how she could dominate me so effortlessly.

Sure, shes a natural at it, but ..

“Because you LET me do it!”

And there’s more to it than “allowing”.

Its about conditioning your mind at the deepest levels, my friend, and no, watching videos all day long wont do it, that will only make you leak more.

Its about the mind, and to read about how I did it, do it, and continue to with real life examples that will be an inspiration to you – pick up “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” NOW!

PS #2 – These ladies with big asses wanting to lose weight, those without wanting to gain.

true, a woman is NEVER satisfied.

So it should be.

But Ma’am, you’re lovely as it is, the MIND!

And thats that. Hehe.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!