Indian Femdom

Her blue SPECKED nailpolish drives me crazy with LUST!

Madam is so nice!

Even in night slippers, nothing fancy at all, that lovely smile of hers – and I couldn’t keep my eyes, sunglass covered though they were, from those lovely feet I’ve always noticed!

Blue nailpolish, now I’ve written about DARK colors before, specifically bright and dark, like RED – or blue, and the sheer passion they arouse…

But SPECKS on nailpolish?

That is what a certain Indian Queen and Goddess had on today!

I was going to mention her by name again, but I’ll let you guys (and gals, hehe) guess who.

And it was all I could do not to compliment her on her feet (she was talking to a new, older maid – presumably the younger one was too interested in her boyfriend than doing any actual work, hehe) ….

Such lovely nail”paint” as they say in India, blue – with SPECKS!!

Those specks really did it, I feel.

OF course, her mind did it more for me, always does!

Indian girls, my friend, have a special brand of innate, sometimes understated dominance you just cannot help but notice, admire, and worship!

So does the lovely lady I am talking about!

That voice, that accent, that lovely brown skin, those “bodacious hips” – ass, the “not so perfect” (but it is!) – body, the swell of the breasts, the … it’s something I cannot put my finger upon!

OF course, the same thing applies to Chinese women – and all dominating women in general.

You just feel good, you feel … AWESOME – though femdom feels nigh awesome anyway!

Anyway …

You Indian femdom erotica lovers – more for you HERE.

And that that.


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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