Why Rachna Ma’am is a grade A “bitch” (in HER OWN WORDS!) to me – like none other!

Why Rachna Ma’am is a grade A “bitch” (in…

And to think she wasn’t always naturally dominating, in fact even today, deep down inside Madam desires to be … DOMINATED!

By the real men that she has SO many of. Hehe.

But anyway – this isn’t about how she cuckolds me. Those stories aren’t mentioned in Cuckold Compilations, but plenty of other sizzling hot ones are. If y’all want, write back, I’ll include them in Volume Two!

But man!

If you could see her right NOW, all day long, feet crossed, fat legs in shorts … and watching soap operas all day … you’d get the true picture of what real femdom is like.

She hasn’t lifted a finger around the house all day – not that she ever does – even for herself.

And when I timidly ask her anything – anything at all, even stuff that is GOOD for her – she looks at me in anger, and the “confidence” that comes from knowing SHE HOLDS ALL THE ACES! – the TRUMP CARD! – and raises a forefinger!

And tells me not to “eat her head” – in that manner Indian ladies often do!

“Sir Mat Kha!”

“JA yahan se!”

“Sala phir see aa gaya”

Just like a real servant, she treats me!  (in fact, she treats her maids better. Hehe. So she should, I’ve written SO MUCH about that lovely older lady that is HER maid!)

And it’s so, so nice!

It was all I could do this afternoon not to drop down and kiss her feet  and BEG TO GIVE HER ALL MONEY AND LICK HER FOR HOURS AND MORE – after she yelled at me!

It’s the sheer insouciance, the sheer bitchiness that comes from inside (trust me -what I talk about in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” as I keep saying applies to ladies EVERYWHERE if yo APPLY what I say!) …

… the sheer rush that comes from simping to her, as I wrote about earlier, but more than that, just, this woman – she’s a “bitch to me” in her own words like no other!

I still remember an ex of mine asking me “why do you want women to be a bitch to you and say mean thing”.

Even the lovely Sophia once asked me about “why do you want to be a maid”.


The sheer rush, the sheer thrill – and IF you – my friend, want to experience Madam Rachna for yourself, then get “25 odes to Rachna Ma’am” NOW.

Leave a genuine review, and more, and I might just introduce you to her – with her permission of course.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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