Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib Ji’s lovely, HARSH voice…

That voice, along with the pink slippers and the lovely SOLE is what I’ll always remember about Madam – till this date!

The lovely brown calf stretched out …

Those eyes, that big TUMMY, that fat she displays SO uncompromisingly, that LEER she gives men she “likes” (for whatever purpose) – her lovely upper BACK I kiss SO! – her lovely ASS – the asshole – all of it!

Well, I was going to write about her voice, but Memsahib, all 50 plus years of hers – so dominatingly nice and gorgeous!

Picture this, you’re sitting at home warm and cozy while it’s cold and rainy outside, perhaps you’re working on something, I was, and then – an exceedingly HARSH voice interupts you.

“Gobhi Le……………………….”

(in Hindi thats a harsh and semi rude way of saying “take my cauliflowers!”)

She’s out in the rain – or slight rain – or whatever it is.

Her feet are damp and muddy.

And with all your work, you still feel your loins stir – Pooja Madam – Memsahib – Malkin JI! – has that impact on you – me – and everyone!

Hell, she SELLS that way too – if you can believe it – literally yelling at her customers to BUY from her.

Much like I do. Hehe. Last evenings emailing blitz caused a lot of flakes to unsubscribe, and thats great. If you’re on a list, never have any intention of purchasing anything, and many dont – then “buh bye” is the best and most hassle free way to go.

Plus, I learned from Memsahib, I wouldn’t have it any other way – I learn something from EVERY girl, every woman, and I so LOVE IT! Muah, they’re SO INTELLIGENT, women!

Anyway …

A joke I saw yesterday – and wasn’t sure how to send – but am now –

“Why did the boss fire the invisible man?”

Because he couldn’t see his growth.

Could apply to my own penis? Or cuck penis? Hehehehehe…

Pooja Memsahib would often joke about my penis, thats one part I’ll be including in Volume Three.

Admittedly it’s not tiny, but since any talk of real man sex makes it disappear…

And in any case, I know my place, worshipping her stud’s sweaty balls, cock, all of it, I can TASTE IT. It’s so NICE!


Enough for now.

Buy the odes to her NOW, my friend.

And get the BOOK as well – NOW. It’s that damn good, it’ll have you leaking in your pants all day even after READING!

Yes, NOW.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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