Saris, Hindu women – slavery – and of course two great reviews for Serving an Indian Goddess – yet again!

Saris, Hindu women – slavery – and of course…

So, two more great reviews for “Serving an Indian Goddess” – Paula Benda Rendon reviews Part II – – and Part III!!!

Truly a phenom and phenomenal book, I’ve said this so many times, it bears repeating, if you dont have this book – youre missing out. Period! (no pun, sissy!).

Serving an Indian Goddess Part II (REVIEW)

What is pleasure? Does feeling pleasure give you more freedom or does it subject you to slavery?

Pleasure, freedom and slavery are three words whose meanings are complicated to expose because they are subject to the subjectivity of the personal point of view. Each person will give it one meaning or another according to their opinion.

What is slavery?

Being a slave would be like the lack of both internal and external freedom due to being subjected to domination or pressure, leaving one’s own will annulled, limited or manipulated in pursuit of the mandate or desire, implicit or not, of something or someone.

That is, to be a slave is to have the will dominated by something or someone.

We can find many types of slavery:

Fear: Fear of the commitment of marriage, fear of suffering for children, fear of not measuring up…
The limitations: Such could be the example of ignorance. When you don’t know the whole truth of something, its reality, you can only do what you know, but that knowledge may not be the true one, the best. Or the limitation due to the inability to be generous with others, to share…

The «Ego»: We can even be slaves of ourselves, of our “I”: What I want, what I like, what I feel like, what gives me pleasure… Without being able to leave that egocentric and selfish world.

What is pleasure? Pleasure can give us many things: reading a good book, having a good conversation, sailing on a boat savoring the sea breeze… Pleasant sensations are generated that comfort us. They do not bring any harm if it is not done in excess…

Can sexual pleasure lead to slavary?

The original problem, according to sexologist Mike Watson, lies in wanting to make freedom an absolute value.

Values ​​are things in life that we give them a value depending on whether they help us more or less to develop and enrich ourselves as people. That is, they help us mature and be happier.

Madam you could not be more right about values! And her definition of slavery – and the fact that one can be enslaved (or not) to more things than one would think!

Another one of those intellectual reviews from Paula, and she is spot on – FREEDOM is the value that is personally dearest to me above all, and it shows in my writing, it shows in how freely I express my sexual desires, needs, wants, cravings, and so forth, and I believe so it should be for everyone!

And yes, pleasure, freedom, slavery – all have different meanings for everyone, of course. Hehe.

Paula, you’ve picked up on all this so damn well as usual!

And the next (Part III)-

Serving an Indian Goddess Part III (REVIEW)

Belly fetish model Helena Strong stated, “People admire my belly. The only thing I expose is my belly. Most guys with belly fetishes are embarrassed if they see me completely naked.”

Alvinolagnia is assumed by some to be a cause of the prevailing Western fashion of exposure of the female stomach. In Victorian times, a small waist was considered the main feature of a beautiful woman. The advent of bikinis in 1946, the cheerleading fashion of the 1970s, and the low-rise fashion started in the early 1990s have all contributed to this. Stomach exposure also became common in 20th century music culture with many famous female pop stars appearing on and off stage and in music videos with exposed stomachs. Some are attracted to women who wear a crop top or bikini.

The bare female midriff is considered attractive and erotic in India. Baring the midriff has always been a fashion in Indian women’s attire. Indian women have traditionally worn midriff-baring saris, especially South Indian women. The exposure of the stomach in a saree is considered erotic. The midriff is revealed in other traditional female attire like Ghagra choli. The belly chain known as a kamarband in India when worn with low rise sarees and lehengas is considered to be sensual. Most Indian women wear belly chains during weddings and other ceremonies as a display of culture and tradition. Nowadays, women have been combining these chains with western outfits, mainly to draw attention to their figures.

Men are intrigued by the demure floor-length attire and the tantalizing display of a bare midriff on the back. Indian actress Ileana D’Cruz had commented that there were shots in which a large porcelain shell was thrown on her belly and flowers decorated around her waist during the filming of her debut film and claimed that the belly and navel are supposed to they are a mark of a woman’s beauty in South Indian movies and believe that the waist line is the most attractive part. Indian singer Chinmayi tweeted for a fan question about wearing sari during performances: “Groups of men… take pictures of my waist + side of my chest, circulate and upload to softcore porn websites.” “I get messages about how they masturbate.”

Some Indian men are aroused by pinching a woman’s abdomen exposed by her sari. This scenario was described in an advertising campaign for a leading Indian construction company group. With the slogan “Everything you love, is within reach”, it showed a man in the office reaching out to pinch his wife’s stomach at home, and she expressed joy by smiling and biting her lower lip. It appeared as a full page advertisement in the Chennai issue of 6 December 2013 of the Times of India.

Mike Watson reveals his excitement about the sari and the Hindu woman.

Oh my – she is SO RIGHT there!

I’ve spoken before about how the sari is so damn erotic… so is the salwar, for that matter!

“I get messages about how they masturbate”. 

I get it – looking at the swell of full, ripe breasts in a sari with that (often fat, oh my! SO NICE!) tummy visible, hanging out, all of it – the lovely bare upper back – it is HEAVEN, especially for a submissive! (I leak just thinking about it, dont even get me started on that lovely older lady thats my Indian maid, my, she drives me INSANE with unfulfilled LUST! Oh those wisps of grey hair, the lovely toned stomach, the bit of fat, the lovely FOREARMS, that SARI!!!! The different colors Ma’am wears! OH MY!!!!!!!!!) Waist, side of her chest – all so RIGHT!

Now, I’ve never heard of the advertisement in the Chennai version of the TOI – but I’m sure it’s true – I’m sure it’s there – and belly fetishes, belly dances, well, we all know about that.

Anyway, these are GREAT books my friend – all three parts, and the two sequels, so get ’em NOW.

And thats that.

Back soon!!



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