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Ashita Ma’am, Paye lagu!

After writing that bit – or updating that bit – and it’s a lot, hehe, not like my bit, lol – about Shikha Ma’am (and that lovely friend of hers from the North East) – its time to write about something I was thinking of last night… Hehe.

Id love to see them both – especially the latter who insisted on cheating from me during exams though I Wasn’t very comfortable with her doing so. Hehe.

she just took, took, took. True femdomina!

But hey, her friend did all that was required domination wise with those comments, so who am I to complain. I just wish I could have shone her shoes right there and then!

I suspect if I met Madam today, she’d at some point let me do it, and not just let me, she’d WANT me to do it, say it. Truly into femdom she was, probably still is, like so many other ladies, especially Indian ladies that I’ve been priveleged enough to know!

And serve… .

Anyway, Ashita – Ma’am!

She was a bodacious chick who was a friend of another girl who I “dated” – whatever shy meetings and phone calls passed for dates back in the day. Hehe.

I still remember blank calling her tons of times, and my father threatening to whack the hell out of me if I kept doing it – or more accurately, I did it from an Uncle (who liked me)’s house – and he told Dad, and Dad said there would be “hell to pay” if I did it from his house, or something…

The same guy (Dad) who once complained about “too many girls calling me, all his girlfriends call and they hang up when we answer”.


Those were the days.

Anyway, this lovely girl (Ashita) was “with” some other guy named “Love” I believe…

He had a funny last name too which I wont reveal here. Hehe. We used to laugh about it.

A combination of “love and serious” but anyway, those were the days, and that was just “childhood stuff” much like we made boobs out of handkerchiefs, hehe. True sissy style!

All I noticed about Ashita though, other than boobs?

Her lovely LEGS?

And her SHOES.

Black shoes, NOT sexy, nothing of the nature, she never once said what Shikha did, yet, I remember jerking off to Ma’am SO OFTEN!

Pressing those legs, cleaning those shoes, and yes, I blank called her a lot too. Hehe, but sometimes we’d speak on the phone when neither one of our parents was around…

But her legs and shoes were always upper most in both minds!

And last night, I was thinking about her, that ink stained cloth I so jacked off into , where she is NOW, how she looks, and so forth …

I’d sure like to meet her, I doubt I’d recognize her, but she probably would me. I’ve got that sort of face!

Anyway …

Ashita Ma’am, Paye Lagu.

I could never press your legs in school.

Maybe some day – or night!

We’ll seee…


And thats – THAT!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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