That lovely bangle on her wrist, those lovely slim yet strong FOREARMS, that lovely DARK skin, the…

That lovely bangle on her wrist, those lovely slim…

That, as you might have guessed, my friend …

The lovely Indian older lady I write about so often!

That Indian maid …

In a sari, so – oh so sexy, that lovely WAIST, that dark skin, the stomach protruding, but oh so slightly, the hair greyed out by hard labor, yet the eyes still sparkling with Intelligence …

Those lovely shoulders, that dark expanse of strong muscular upper back, the lean forearms which perhaps turn me on the most, the HANDS, which are slim and sexy – small – but not weak!

and the PALMS, what a contrast!

She isn’t black.

But she’s close to it. Almost!


And I’ve written tomes on that, of course, but this is an ode to Madam’s arms, her wrists, those wrists that I So wish I would rub my shoulders – then pinch my nipples HARD … and then of course do what she already knows, remind me of my place!

or flick them, simply – Nipplegasms are ORGASMIC enough, with her, those arms, that touch, those BREASTS! Oh my, the SWELL OF THOSE LARGE BREASTS! – it would that x 100!

Anyway …

With those lovely forearms, you know what turns me on the MOST?

I’ve written before about just why anklets are so damn SEXY – HERE!

With this lady, I’m not even sure if she wears any – believe it or not, I did not even look at her feet that much!

A little, not a lot – if you can believe that.

Its those arms, those forearms as Madam works…


Those fingers!

And she’s such a Goddess, I’d kiss those forearms all day long eSPECIALLY THE GOLD BANGLE ACCENTUATING IT!

Gold vs that dark smooth skin !

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything else same as above, but still!

Anyway – why just Indian ladies. Hehe. The Japanese Goddess I simp to so helplessly?

Well, I told her this morning I’d love to romance the bottom of her toes, each, one by one!

I’d LOVE to make love to the bottom of her shoes, if she lets me, NEVER WITH HER! Hehe.

And of course, I asked her to say all that in Japanese, and more, always more fun as I’ve written about before!

I should write “Serving a Japanese Goddess” too. Hehe.

For now though, we’ll stick to the bestselling “Serving an Indian Goddess” of which you should get your fill on – NOW!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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