Indian Femdom

When she has a tummy upset… 😘😘

Ma’am, can I massage your stomach for you ? 😘❀

That was truly what came to mind, along with some memories of the girls in Sin City Diaries in that “second hour” massaging my admittedly, at the time, corpulent tummy as i lay there relaxing. In China, they have this belief it aids in digestion and “moves the fat around” – and it probably does a bit of both.

Nothing replaces exercise though!

Some yoga, some kicks – those things ladies LOVE to do, for instance (there’s other forms of workouts), but this South Indian movie (I can barely understand Hindi, so South Indian – forget about it, hehe – I’m using those lovely subtitles) I’m watching – I dont know what made me watch it (actually I do, much like the lovely Sunny Leone, the promos for this movie showing her, SOMETHIGN ABOUT IT!) … and as usual I was proven right. Hehe.

Its about a mysterious caller and cop, the former giving the latter mysterious messages which predict crimes/people’s deaths.

I to be honest have not watched the whole movie, I was focusing on Madam, those lovely breasts, as she slaps, kicks, and punches men in the beginning half of the movie for being shamans, then literally bunts one in the BALLS – oh mY! – that technique is not even outlined in Ballbusting 101, maybe volume Two, I’ll make a note of it – she literally gave him one like a MULE! … (for eve teasing) … I wanted to worship her breasts, massage her head, arms and shoulders, wanted to kiss those lovely succulent lips, all not necessarily in that order!

Such a goddess, I wish I knw her name, I’d mention it here!

But anyway …

Sometime during the movie she gets offered eggs, just as she’s sitting comfortably post work in slippers, saying “wheres dinner!” (or, dinner hasnt come from the “mess” I believe the precise dialog is).

I wanted to press her feet!

“No eggs!”Β  Madam giggles. “Remember I have a tummy upset!”


Not only did I so want to massage her lovely fat – a little, it;s natural though, I love it – TUMMY, I also wanted to ..

Well, I remembered a certain Pooja Memsahib … JI!

You guys on the list KNOW what she did to me. Hehe.

And I so LOVED looking at her waste every morning, cleaning her after she went, WORSHIPPING HER LIKE A GODDESS ON EARTH WHICH SHE IS! – and of course, looking at her poo to make sure her stomach was OK, when it was, when it wasn’t – – it was a game for her, Madam loved it!

Perhaps I loved it more. Hehe.

Some of you might think it’s gross.

But as Sophia’s poo once SPLATTERED straight into my eye, so did hers, so ENGROSSED IN LUST FOR MADAM was I … well, even that did not matter, and I’m NOT INTO SCAT!

The CRAVEN DEPTHS OF DEVOTION one can go to, Indian ladies in general will DO THAT TO YOU!

And Pooja Memsahib… JI! is but one example, albeit the most blase and debase ever, and thats saying something.

Get it NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – On that note, who takes a shower fully clothed, sees ghosts while doing so – and then comes down to tell a cop about it, with socks on her lovely feet (in sari)? So goeth that movie, hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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