Slim Indian MASTER lies down, dong UP, waiting to be SERVICED, legs SPREAD!

Slim Indian MASTER lies down, dong UP, waiting to…

Really so nice!

This guy, ostensibly from India … slim, sexy dark skinned – almost black – kinda like the older Indian lady I keep writing about …

His dick, especially contrasting with the rest of his body – SO NICE!

It’s one of the thick sorts mentioned in Penis Central, and it stays hard no matter what, and the HEAD, the huge bulbous HEAD – oh god, it has driven me NUTS with lust!

His own nuts hang lowย  as he lies down on the bed, spreads his legs, dong up – a condom on it, and it never goes down!

Cuckold shows up, wipes the sweat off his balls, literally!

Then mounts him cowgirl, and the beautiful dong gets pleasured.

Then he dismounts (my, the way he fucks him, the balls slapping against cucks!) … and takes him missionary style.

End of it, he takes him “one leg up in the air style”.

Guy being fucked could do with some Sissy Workouts, he isn’t that flexible at all, or really – that video would have been so much better, and the stud would be pleasured so much better!

But anyway, all centered around his lovely dark THICK cock, probably thicker than my arm, that head!

Then, another veiny dark Indian dong with the pinkest head I ever saw.

An “escort”.

But the way he shoots his load, my!

I’d so love to massage HIM with oil, service him … he deserves it!

So manly both of them!

Anyway ….

This isn’t a chapter straight out of the smouldering hot book Cuckold Compilations

It’s just what I saw today, a glimpse of what you’ll get in that book –ย  if you’re not too cheap to get it that is.

So many people on this list are content to “do nothing”, which I truly dont get …

But anyway – import of this email, those dicks – HUGE!

And they’re so dominant I’m calling them Master without meaning to, without them asking. HEhe.

So they deserve it!

So do Indian ladies.

And for tales of smouldering hot Indian femdom with plenty of cuckolding going on, well, our Indian femdom books are what you need to get – NOW.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The way he lies down, spreads his legs, just waits, as if to say, come on boy, service ME!

And the boy does, its LOVELY, the attitude of dominance, the thick dong pointing up, albeit condom covered!

I wish I could buy the condoms for him and kiss his balls and say thank you, put my tongue in his ass, and I’d please him like never before with the tips in Ass Worship 101... he SO deserves it! muah xo

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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