Nandini Memsahib … JI!

Nandini Memsahib … JI!

This was written MONTHS ago, on Medium, since they shut down the account, well, reposting here. The canonical link is .. which of course no longer works, but hey … Hehe. I’ll try and put it in all future “reposts” – anyway – here goeth! I still remember the day I met Madam …

Maybe I’ll have the privelege of writing about Ma’am someday — well, I already am, but in a book. Hehe.

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to call her Malkin.

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to press her feet after her tired, exhausting, and BORING job as a telecaller.

My, what an Indian Goddess!

I knew there was a reason I wrote “thank you, Nandini Ma’am!” from the get go yesterday.

“Wait, dear!”

Its like a Chinese lady contacted me. Hehe.

All I saw in her Whatsapp profile photo, pictures of credit cards (I contacted her about one).

The Universe works in mysterious ways, she came to me by chance.

A meeting with a guy I’d never normally open the door for, his friend — extremely helpful — and then Madam.

Perfect Madam.

Or Princess, as I’ve been calling her long before I ever saw her picture, so strong was the vibe.

“I want to see you!”

“I want more photos!”

I sent her my whatsapp. That wasn’t enough for Madam.

Some of the docs for the card application have it. That wasn’t enough either!

“Madam, this is very strange”, I giggled. “I can understand wanting so many docs, but photos??”

Of course, the vibe was there from day ONE.

I should have just accepted and gave in …

Right from the minute Madam spoke to me, I could feel it, so could she.

And while she wasn’t sure “who I was” since Mike Watson often sounds like something other than what he is (i.e. when doing business, I focus on BUSINESS and nothing else) … the reason she’s asking for pictures etc?

Maam, payelagu, you’re just so so so so NICE!!! OH MY! Madam, PLEASE! Thsoe soles! SO DOMINATING!

Well, we all know that!

And of course, I gave in, after which Madam did too.

In Indian, the name translates to “Goddess”.

Goddess Ganga, the harbinger of joy, or something like that.

I should have known.


The Universe and our subconscious minds when living in the flow (hint — most people do NOT) are the keys to anything in life — femdom included.

Find out more HERE —

And I’ll see you soon!


Mike Watson

PS- Paye Lagu, Nandini Ma’am. I’ll press your feet all night long, which you already know, of course. Hehe. — for books on Indian femdom. Again, all TRUE — reality mixed in with a dab of creative license!

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