Yet another reason I love worshipping dick .. SO! (muah)

Yet another reason I love worshipping dick .. SO!…

My SO was yelling as of late about “practical” and theoretical – – on something completely unrelated. Which I’m used to, her yelling, of course, except this time it wasn’t at me – it was at a “carbon copy of me” – more on this later!

If I said “young princess” I wouldnt be so far off. Hehe.

Anyway – – the maid, that lovely DARK skinned Indian maid showed up in that sari, those lovely hips showing, that STOMACH, that expanse of BROWN – BLACK – back!

More black then brown. I love it!

Those wisps of hair, frayed, she’d older, but so SEXY as I keep writing about!

And in shape too.

I so wanted to strip, kiss her – on the lips.

All I did was hand her money. Hehe.

She took it. Before she did, I visualized our hands touching.

They did – for a fleeting instant!

Cool, lovely,  I so want her palms on me, and then … ?

I’d kiss, feel, and then … ?

Well, my LINGAM – as they call it in India would grow longer than it already is, hehe – in its unique manner.

Would you believe it – ancient Indian sadhus attach weights of a certain nature to their penises to make them grow longer, and to redirect the heat from their forever chaste loins elsewhere?

If you’re wondering how sadhus with their lifestyle are behind the scenes RICH and have all the women they want (does that remind you of Mike Watson? hehe, you wouldn’t be far off it does) – well, thats PART of the trick and secret, but point here is this.

I do NOT recommend that method to reduce – or increase the size of thy dong, hehe.

I’m sure it works.

But … I’d rather recommend the following which I’ve tried, and works –

One, abstinence.

And two, most importantly, along with that, getting in shape, the RIGHT WAY!

Losing fat around the lower abs naturally not just means your penis “looks bigger”.

It means there’s more blood flow there, you’re hornier, and while my fitness friend from India would be the right person to tell you this based upon knowledge and experience “truly the bodyweight exercise GURU” is he, real guru. I’m here to tell you this.

When I am in chastity, which I no longer am because I control myself, I have to wear STEEL belts.

Not pink plastic as you see.


Well, humiliating though it is for my (literally since I never use it, like my wife LAUGHS AT ME! So true, Ma’am, hehe) – – JUNK – I broke it once – not with my hands either.

Yes, those sissy workouts are REAL workouts that will literally make you even hornier, reduce fat, increase libido, and combine with abstinence, regular sissygams – my.

Your sexual desire will shoot through the fuckin roof, my friend, and you’ll stay unfulfilled as a sissy, therefore the above result!

Trust me, staying fully unfulfiled means NO ruined orgasms either.

And now, as I flick my nipples, and the blood ROARS to my loins, I’m off to do more special workouts while thinking about that lovely sexy grey haired woman.

somehow, I know she is too. hehe.

And that, Ma’am is that. I’d so WORSHIP you, MASSAGE – you!

My wife gives her a special status as well – in front of me, she’s always superior indirectly. And so she should be, what a queen and Goddess!

And that, my friend, is femdom in real life, believe it or not in India, a country where “maids” are supposed to be lowest of the low, and then some ..

And I’m out.

Back soon – remember to place your pre-order for Sissy Workouts before the price goes up like my long dong – which it will!

And YES.

IT’s true.

With proof.

The more you lose weight, the more your lower abs show, the longer your dong will be, either figuratively or literally – both.

More blood flow to a muscle, and all that

OK, thats enough.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I so want to kiss her stomach, make love the only way I can to her navel, her ASS … all of it, then press her legs like the Queen she is!

She SO deserves it.

Paye Lagu Madam. I’d lick the dirt off your soles for a mere SLAP from those strong sexy arms of yours!

And I’d be lucky to.

And you, my dear reader – read Indian Femdom Recollections, she’s an older  “Manju” – and .. well .. MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just READ the book, you will KNOW what I mean!

Maybe I’ll write some odes to her, hell, I need to someday! Id so kiss her SIDES…

OK I best stop!

PS #2 – DANG! Forgot to tell you why I love worshipping dick so much, well, beyond the obvious for someone that wrote Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, Penis CEntral, Cuckold compilations and more …

well. beyond that …

Because mine just gets longer no matter how I cage it!

Every time I look down, it’s longer, no matter what I DO! 😘 (not entirely a bad thang is it. hehe😉😉)

And it will continue to. Lots of sissies have long cocks, a theory I debunk (the cuckolds and sissies have short cocks – no, often they have the longest!) in Cuck Central and some of my other great courses.

But since I never use the JUNK …

I’d rather focus on men that do!

And so, though I dont recommend hanging weights off your dong, I do recommend you bang me on the nose like Jerome did with your club, I do recommend my lips on it, I do recommend I worship your ass, and hers, and welll … thats why!

The longer it is, so nice!

And to end …

Dont you guys just love a sissy with a long cock furiously worshipping another long cock!

“it’s two men isnt it? It’s disgusting! ” Madam Megan giggled. 

And it is, but it’s not. Hehe.

Anyway …

PPS – The lovely Paula is an affiliate here, couldn’t have asked for a better one, with the cute way in which she says “CC” instead of Sissy. Hehe. And all her great insights, DO check out her channel!

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