Rachna Ma’am, and that VIBE of domination!

Rachna Ma’am, and that VIBE of domination!

Now, unfulfiled lust – thats normally me, but Ma’am has not been laid in a while too!

And, I’ve been silent, auto pilot, going about my chores, my work …


I was reading something – oddly enough some news about the ongoing G20 summit with dancers welcoming the dignataries and so forth, and Ma’am knocked HARD on the window, and strode right into my office, of course. Hehe.

But she did something she normally never does.

Fetish aside, our work lives are seperate, which Ma’am respects as she should – – beyond the dough, she never tries to interfere in it (but when the money flows, she DOES want to join in. HEhe).

But as she assigned me another task she shouldn’t, I had to scramble to close … the TWITTER window I was on, I was marketing Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and a Daddy’s massive DONG – yes, covered in Penis Central – here, see this – how could someone not be SO WEAK AFTEER SEEING IT!


Sir, you’re so manly, so DOMINANT, thank you!Β 

I just had to say this again – – – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know if I simped enough to him, but thats a sample!

Anyway.Β  (and speaking of samples, hehe)

Rachna Ma’am knows about my love for dongs, but she would probably smack me again for it!

(she DID kind of stare at what I was doing, but she saw the women were on a news site, so no smacks, heh).

(but she’s in an agitated mood again, I better beware muah xo)Β 

I think because she (For a change) spent her own money on something. Hehe. How dare I?


( I so wish I could introduce HIM to her!) *above*

And after she left, I was sighing a sigh of relief she didnt see me simping to another lovely (I think Indian) woman. Hehe.

“Ma’am, am I the only idiot that calls you Princess? πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚”

And Madam, of course. Hehe.

Predictably, Madam replied with “IDK about you being an idiot” (which she is right, she neither thought that or felt it) – but it’s just one more friend who calls her that in person.

we’re both right! muah xo. She’s SUCH a queen. Hehe. She doesn’t fully realize it as yet, or perhaps she does!

They all do ultimately, if they dont, I teach them from the BOTTOM! 🀭

Not topping from the bottom, TEACHING – there is a difference.

Back to Rachna Ma’am.

She hasn’t gone today.

“No pressure boy!”Β 

Perhaps not enough food, as I think of that lovely ass, I so think of her commanding me to massage her SOLES as she relaxes, put my tongue DEEP inside her ass and beg, nay, THANK HER – and do both – for it … so she can “go” …

Shades of Mistress Priyanka, I know, but doing that for girls is such a turn on!

Ass Worship when done right is not just one of the most humiliating things ever.

it’s also one of the most PLEASURABLE, not just for men, but for women too!

And men, if you’re into ass worship from either end, pun intended, then in addition to the above course (actually, women too!) – you’ll want to pick up Sissygasm Central – NOW.

And thats that.

I SO want her to “go”, maybe she will soon!

We will see, with the almost (not really) miraculous way I’ve been manifesting as of late, and it’s just starting, I’ve NO doubt I will eventually manifest this too.

I’ll keep you posted!



Mike Watson

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