Indian Femdom

I so love touching my wife’s feet!

I so love it!

In Indian culture, where she is from, it’s a given that younger people do it for older people – at least traditionally.

It’s a given that foot massage, touching feet, anything to do with feet really means the person being served is in some way .. superior. It’s even more deeply ingrained in Indian culture than Chinese culture – and of course, the language and the way even the language, the way it’s used differentiates between superior and inferior – classwise or otherwise its so nice!

Wives “traditionally” touch their husband’s feet, seek their blessings, cook clean, serve, right down to the superior inferior “dynamic”, for me, I’m the wife?


So I am!

As a lady once told me, so comforting to see a man know his TRUE place, at his owner’s feet!


She is more like my owner, and I’m more like chattel – truly LIVING the dream!

And just touching her feet when she comes home, even where there is NO fetish involved, just a part of daily life, it is such a noxious, addictive, intoxicating turn on,  much like something you do on auto pilot all day long!

So it should be with femdom.

And to learn more about this supreme, dominating force of nature – 25 Odes to Rachna Ma’am is  good place to BEGIN.

More importantly, to attract this sort of dominance to you in all spheres of life without even trying, “A complete guide to understand dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland is your TICKET”.

Yes, the book works for all cultures, ladies, etc.

And thats that.

Back soon.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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