Why letting Madam get USED to it – is kEY – in all regards!

Why letting Madam get USED to it – is…

Maybe I should say pun intended!

Or not … actually, both would be true – anyway, in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” one of the first few points mentions this – that “do not simply just jump into fetish and BDSM” when you first meet – or talk to her – get to KNOW HER!

If you’re truly into femdom as opposed to just wacking off to femdom (there is a difference!) – then she’ll feel it anyway even if you dont mention it.

and in any case, the specifics of that sort of thing – a relationship- a REAL relationship is required first, with ups, downs, everything else!

A normal relationship (non sexually) is a must.

I explain all this and more in the book, but too few people truly get it.

When I first started out with Rachna Ma’am, she literally told me this – let me get used to it!

For a woman whose been doing all the housework since the age of 6 with her mother and sister, well the role reversal took some getting used to, my friend.

It’s the same thing – except in another way – that I mentioned above.

Your subconscious never gets the picture the first time – REPETITION of the same chant, the same affirmations – in these case the same repeated POWERFUL THOUGHTS – are what breach everything else – and get through to the subconscious mind which then DOES it’s thing.

Think how much you want to rub oil on Ma’am’s soles for one.

But dont say it upfront.

She will feel it in your normal conversation too if you do it right, my friend!

And thats the tip – lifelong habits do not change over night, and the associated feelings.

Forcing it will not – never – ever work. It will achieve the opposite of what you’re trying, and yes, even yours truly has been there!

Get HER ready first, as Cuck Central tells you too!

It takes time, patience, and repetition.

And the rewards are well worth it, as this book tells you!

Get both of these books now – and start learning my friend. From the best ever at it!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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