A young Pooja Memsahib .. JI!?

A young Pooja Memsahib .. JI!?

Well, my friend, I knew I was there in the park for a reason. I always follow my instincts – they told me to go out and get some sun in the park today – so I did!

Normally I workout in the park (Sometimes) but I’m super sore today so didnt do much.

On the way there, I saw two girls and two guys sitting in a group – distributing some political posters.

Yours truly doesnt get into all that – what caught my attention was one “Madam’s” … of course, feet!

She had shoes off, but I didnt stare too much – thank God -dess!

But from afar, I couldn’t resist catching a peek.

Soon enough, Madam stretched her legs out, in jeans – ONLY Feet visible ,and the BROAD SOLES SO VISIBLE.


I so wish I could kiss them, massage them, press them, I so wish I could have taken a photo, but I didnt.

I wondered, oddly enough what sort of footwear she wore (in an odd manner, I mean, not “oddly enough”).

Stream of consciousness …

Sure enough when she stood up – broad slippers!

You need to, as a good footboy and slave know a woman by her FEET, boy! 

Recognize her by feet – and lovers by DICK – and asshole if possible!

The former is in one manner an affirmation in Volume One of 16 Incredibly Powerful Affirmations which you must grab the series now if you have not already – truly REMARKABLE as one reader recently put it (Thanks Thomas – 10% discount for your review on the way – all you rest that are buying – thank you – and be sure to REVEIW via the link you get in your email. ALL genuine reviews get a 10% off their next purchase – GUARANTEED, instantly, on “auto pilot” as I so love to say, no pun intended!).

Anyway ………….

I’ve said before how Princess Joanie is an Indian version of Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Maybe this lady was a Chinese version – or did I get that backwards again?

Back asswards, thats how I prefer it anyway!


You guys know my drift!

On both things…

Anyway … one last thing I forgot to put in my memoir to Pooja which will be in expanded format in Volume Three of that book – she was asking me at the time where I worked, I replied abroad, just in India temporarily and so forth. She asked what work I did, what I traded in and so forth, I told her some of it – then I quipped the following.

“Well, you must be knowing everything anyway!”

It was about her gossipy nature, which of course Madam now does with feet up on ME!

“Na re Baba!” she replied, cunning and sly EYES boring into me as usual! 

Heavily made up…

Basically she was saying? 

“What, me? I wouldn’t do things like that! I just sell vegetables and go home!” 

How could I argue with Madam. Hehe.

So, I found an excuse to tell her I understand, and that “since you’ve been here so many years!”

24 years, she giggled coyly!

With that sly raise of the eyebrow that I KNOW – NOW – so well!

And thats that.

Indian versions, Chinese versions, all versions.


Paye Lagu – Madam ………… JI!

You make it SO WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

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